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EUR/GBP DAILY R3:0.9147DAILY R2:0.9117DAILY R1:0.9095//DAILY PP:0.9065//DAILY S1:0.9043DAILY S2:0.9013DAILY S3:0.8991
Have a great Friday
Fed Powell "We got to hope for the worst (ooops)"
Reuters "What will trigger more easing, when will you raise rates?" Powell "We will ease further when the triggers happen. Sorry, what was your second question?"
  • Becky Kate:
    The situation was too 'hot' for Powell..can't be easy for him.

Germany: The crisis finally has a number

The worst ever quarterly performance of the German economy finally has a number -10.1%. This is the size of the contraction in the second quarter. The numbers Finally, it’s out. The German economy recorded the worst quarterly performance ever, dropping by 10.1% quarter-on-quarter. The last record ho
  • Becky Kate:
    Following suit from US, it seems. Hope things rebound soon here.

How to buy cryptocurrencies: 4 key factors to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoinhow

So you've heard a lot about cryptocurrencies and wanted to give it a try. Most likely, you are overwhelmed with the sea of unknowns, and your mind is blowing from endless questions: Where to start? How to proceed? What are the best practices? How to escape pitfalls and not to fall victim to fraudste
  • Becky Kate:
    This is really really succinct and comprehensive. Appreciate the share😊
Look-back on live: Optimize Strategies to a Successful trader 1. Self Enhancement - Reach beyond your comfort zone - Maintain physical fitness - Teamwork and networking matter 2. Importance of data...

USD/JPY retreats to 105.00 area after US GDP data

USD/JPY erased majority of daily gains following US GDP data. Falling US Treasury bond yields hurt USD in early American session. US Dollar Index stays in the positive territory below 93.50. The USD/JPY pair came under renewed bearish pressure in the early American session and erased the majority o

US Dollar Relief Bounce Fades After 2Q GDP Collapse Reported

USD PRICE OUTLOOK: US DOLLAR AIMING HIGHER INTO MONTH END BUT GIVES BACK SOME GAINS AFTER 2Q GDP REPORTThe broader US Dollar has declined well over 4% throughout July judging by performance of the DXY Index, but the popular basket of major currency pairs was attempting to claw back some do
  • Becky Kate:
    Some volatility on the table for Greenback - although this is one hurdle it seems to have overcome, the rising covid19 cases are telling another story..

Sector Rotation : NZDUSD Good to Buy

#NZD/USD# NZDUSD Good to Buy 1. DXY is bearish 2. EUR /GBP already Rally 3. NZD hasn't broken new high yet. therfore, We can Buy NZD to catch the next rally Target 0.68 /0.70 and even higher This is what we call "Sector Rotation" Under this Dollar Bearish background The major pai
  • Becky Kate:
    Overall fundamentals from NZ is still positive...good management of the covid situation too...they are having a much better result than australia, that's for certain..the downtrend of the USD could si...


#GBP/USD# Possible buy areas (redbox) looking for 1.30 - 1.31 zones. If no buy confirmation may see 1.29 hopefully Trend is still up 29-Jul-20
#XAU/USD# the weakening of the dollar with the second wave of the virus, indeed still indicates the price will rise, but when prices touch the support will potentially fall
  • Becky Kate:
    Any thoughts on the extend of the impact from the latest US GDP on this pairing?

FOMC in focus as Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet CEO’s face US lawmakers

Global stock markets appear to be starting to get a little wobbly as the latest earnings numbers start to paint a picture of a global economy that could start to face a challenging time in the weeks and months ahead. For all the optimism about a new US stimulus program, the rising hopes of a vaccine

CLSA Shareholders Vote Against Business Wind Up

Photo: Bloomberg CLSA Premium Limited, a Hong Kong-based forex broker, on Tuesday, has posted the results of the voting on a proposal for winding up of its business, showing a decision against it. In a voting process conducted earlier today in an extraordinary general meeting (EGM), 80 percent of


#GBP/USD# Possible buy areas (redbox) looking for 1.30 - 1.31 zones. If no buy confirmation may see 1.29 hopefully Trend is still up 29-Jul-20

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