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#AUD/CAD# here we see a rising wedge in game, also we see a bearish engulfing candle. the price is currently at a resistance zone , thus enter according to your trading edge, some prefer waiting for the break-out, for traders that are like me we milk it from beginning till Tp right? Go

GBPUSD-Weekly Market Analysis-Nov20,Wk4

#GBP/USD# Ascending Triangle on the GBPUSD 4-hourly chart shows a potential breakout trade towards the upside. If that happens then the bearish shark pattern might not settle at Point D. I'm waiting for a buying opportunity on a retest of the trendline of the ascending triangle .


#XAU/USD# 黄金4小时图,周一的早评文章给出的图表技术分析中也是预期的黄金下跌,但是当时黄金还没有这个上行通道,不过这个上行通道的出现也让黄金在4小时级别上有了一个新的形态——看跌旗型,周五晚间黄金回抽测试了上行通道下轨的压制,这个在周五的文章中也提到过,在粉丝群中给出的提示也是等待回抽在1874一线再次加仓做空,虽然周五晚间的反抽来的很快很猛,但是目前来看并不影响黄金的整体趋势。 目前来看,黄金的反抽没有击穿上行通道下轨压制,4小时级别快慢线虽然在0轴下方再次金叉,但是小时级别没有看涨形态支撑,4小时级别1850下方低点也没有出现,所以只能说黄金是下跌途中
级别 黄金 小时 通道 上行 下轨

LONG,before big SHORT!

#GBP/USD# The charts tells everything! - TRADE safe .. have a good time


#EUR/AUD# - Nice Channel formation which is respecting support - Awaiting breakout of minor resistance and rest of 71% Fib level before a strong push to the upside target


#CHF/JPY# Hello traders, on this analysis I am going to talk about a very clear situation right now, but from a monthly and weekly stand point we are testing a very strong supply ( support ) area and here we can see that we completed an M formation + TESTING a support area on the daily

EUR/USD languishes near daily lows above 1.1850 as trade thins out pre-weekend

EUR/USD is set to finish Friday a little softer, but pretty much band in line with where it started the week. EUR/USD has respected its 1.1815-1.1890ish range nicely thus far, reflective of a broader lack of direction in the market this week. EUR/USD is set to finish the week pretty much bang on whe

It's seems the next week have a lot of actions 💰💥

#EUR/GBP# ( Eurusd ) are trading within a bearish price channel that has been established since September 14th. The price is now moving near the support stationed between (0.89120, 0.88975), and therefore we must pay close attention to the price movement at the daily level within the s

Analisis Harga AUD/JPY: Naik 0,25%, Pembeli Harus Kalahkan Tertinggi Hari Jumat

AUD/JPY sedikit dalam tawaran beli setelah candle Doji hari Jumat. Penutupan di atas tinggi candle Doji diperlukan untuk mengkonfirmasi kebangkitan pembeli. AUD/JPY saat ini diperdagangkan di dekat 76,22, mewakili kenaikan 0,25% pada hari ini. Pasangan ini menciptakan candle Doji klas

Central Bank Digital Currencies More Popular than Ever

Photo: Rachel McIntosh 2020 will go down in history as The Year™ of many things: COVID, of course; the year of one of the most divisive U.S. presidential elections in history. (And, perhaps for some crypto hopefuls, the year that Bitcoin regained $20,000.) However, 2020 will also likely go down in

DAILY NOTION - FXSTREET - AUD/USD Forecast - Nov 11, 2020

Based on the early price action, the direction of the AUD/USD is likely to be determined by trader reaction to the minor pivot at 0.7296.The Australian Dollar is edging higher on Wednesday, underpinned by the boost in risk sentiment from the victory of Joe Biden in the U.S. presidential elections an

DAILY NOTION - FXEMPIRE - GBP/USD Forecast - Nov 5, 2020

The GBP/USD is bullish and we can see big swings happening. This is expected as the GBP is very volatile during the crisis period.As explained earlier, we have a triple crisis: U.S. election, BREXIT and COVID-19. Judging from the latest movements, I expect the GBP to go further up.Earlier

Pull-up Update