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UK GDP Contracts In November

The UK economy contracted in November but at a slower than expected pace, data released by the Office for National Statistics revealed Friday. Gross domestic product shrank 2.6 percent on month in November but slower than the 5.7 percent fall economists' had forecast. The decline reversed a 0.6 perc

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How to Trade Like the Rich

Photo: CedarFX Since the advent of online trading, becoming a successful trader has become a goal that many individuals strive towards, and a common resolution as the new year rolls around. Yet, the reality is that there are stark differences between new traders and rich traders. Many people want to
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Brent Oil to surge towards $60 in the second half of 2021 – ANZ

The pledge by Saudi Arabia to voluntarily cut output by 1mb/d has drastically changed the dynamics within the OPEC+ alliance. Economists at ANZ Bank forecast Brent Crude Oil to trade around $58 over the next quarter and to reach the $60 level in the second half of the year. Key quotes “The move by S
(BLOOMBERG) What's Behind the Rise in the Consumer Price Index? - Jan 14, 2021.#CPI##USeconomy##marketoutlook2021#
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