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With FOLLOWME Message function, you can chat on your computer/mobile to contact the users you care about instantly. If you receive a message that is suspected of being spam or that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can block or report the message.   Send and Receive Message 1. Who can I send message
(BLOOMBERG) How Does the Impact of Access to the Vaccine? - Jan 26, 2021. #CoronavirusVaccine##CovidInfection##Pfizer#

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Third week of January 2021

2021/01/18 - 2021/01/22 Total Trading Volume 413,035 (Up by 5,424 or 1.2% w-o-w) Here comes the third week ranking of our trading community this month. For this week, the TOP 10 Traders have delivered a total profit of $315,000. Among these brilliant Traders, @6686575 is good at swing trading with $
(BLOOMBERG) Moderna Says New Vaccine Protects Against Two Covid Strains. - Jan 26, 2021. #CoronavirusVaccine##moderna##FlashNews#
(BLOOMBERG) How Covid-19 Vaccines and Production Cuts Are Pushing Oil Prices Higher? - Jan 26, 2021. #CoronavirusVaccine##oilprice##OPEC+CutProduction#...

USD/CAD Outlook (26 January 2021)

#USD/CAD# Overall, USD/CAD is ranging across. Recently, USD/CAD bounced off the resistance zone of 1.27900. USD/CAD’s next support zone is at 1.25720 and the next resistance zone is at 1.27900. Look for selling opportunities of USD/CAD .
Minsky risk trade featured on LIVE Trading Webinar hosted by Swissquote Bank - for educational purposes only. SP500 short, either at the market, with tight stops, or preferably, on a confirmed ST reve...

Pasar Saham Asia: Diperdagangkan Beragam Sementara Selandia Baru dan Indonesia Menguji Optimisme Berhati-hati

Ekuitas Asia mencetak kenaikan ringan karena harapan pada kekhawatiran virus perang stimulus AS di tengah kalender yang ringan.Senator AS memperkuat sentimen untuk memecahkan kebuntuan stimulus, regulator Australia menyetujui vaksin.Varian Covid menginfeksi Selandia Baru, mendorong lockdown ketiga d

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