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Trading Account Analysis

A more sophisticated trading account homepage now replaced the old one. Better trading experience is embedded in this new homepage, which will definitely bring you a more well-rounded outlook of other trader's trading performance as well as your own's. The new page provides multi-dimensional charts
(BLOOMBERG) Big Volume, Big Swings: Inside Bitcoin's Volatile January. - Jan 15, 2021.#bitcoinsurge##BTC/USD##cryptocurrency#

Where Did You Gold? - Gold Price Tries to Recover

Illustration photo of Gold Price H4 Chart from economies.com Clear positive trades were provided by gold prices after finding near $1830 solid support, heading towards potentially $1863.85 key resistance. Notice there is a potential formation towards the positive that limits recent trades while tech
How to Increase Your Winning Rate and Minimise Loss in Trading? #tradingskill##BeginnerTrader##NewTraders#

Be vigilant! The licenses of the 3 dealers have changed!

Photo: Wikifx Changes in regulatory information have long been known! Forex Tianyan will regularly announce the dealers whose licenses have changed every week for investors' reference and avoid investment risks. The specific changes are as follows: XHGIPRo Xinhuo International Xinhuo International,

Italian trading platform Directa expects execution volume to surge 53% in 2020

Photo: Google Image Directa, Italy's main trading platform, shared its 2020 trading indicators, showing a significant increase in its trading volume. There has been a significant increase in transactions executed on this platform. Compared with 2019, the total number of trading orders executed by th

Where Did You Gold? - Analysis: Negative Patterns Affects Gold Price

Illustration photo of Gold Price H4 Chart from economies.com Yesterday, gold prices faced negative pressure to break the support line of the minor bullish channel that appears on the chart. This forms a bearish flag pattern that pushes the price to achieve more decline now, as the price begins today

Pull-up Update

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