Multiple Income Sources For Traders

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FOLLOWME sincerely apologize for inconvenience caused, due to some technical difficulties,the live session will be postponed schedule as below 

Live Streaming time : 12PM (GMT+0) July 30,2020.

The live session features an Australian key opinion leader and trader, Mr. Scott Andrews @FxScotty. Mr. Scott Andrews is a trader who earns from  two sources of income, mainly via a Youtube channel, @scottystrading which leads to subscription fees and trading profit.

Mr. Scott Andrews’s live session spotlight would be “Trading Psychology”. Firstly, trading psychology is an unavoidable emotional component in an investor’s decision. However, we do know that traders often chose short cuts, which characterized primarily as the influence of both greed and fear. During the live session, Mr. Scott Andrews will share the perfect tactics and strategies to overcome human error.

Live streaming time: 10AM (GMT+0) July 30, 2020

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Multiple Income Sources For Traders

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It's today!! See you at 10AM...which is GMT+0 - can't wait!
OMG! I couldn't make it. Please share me if there's a recorded video anyone. thanks!
Oh btw, is there a replay - in case someone I invited can't make it?
Wouldn't wanna miss this, woohoo!
2 more days! yayy
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Greeeaaat! I need to know this!
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Mr. Scott Andrews has always provided us useful insights and knowledge in his videos! Can't wait to join this!
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i know this is gonna be a very useful and amazing session!
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always watch his videos! now get to see him live!
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Wow...this i s grt...signing up!
@Moneyy hello Ser
Have signed up👍
Three more days....woohoo!! Can't wait