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    哈哈 这么大资金量早就不用MT4 5 了
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#AvaTrade# 入金方便快捷,出金得2~3个工作日,不算很快。点差一般,没有IC点差低。只前有过奥美15点无法交易的情况,三星。
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Yuan briefly hits 1-week high in holiday-thinned trade, tracking dollar

SHANGHAI, Dec 25 (Reuters) - The yuan briefly hit a one-week high against an easing U.S. dollar on Friday, as the greenback slipped in global markets after Britain reached a trade deal with the European Union that followed months of negotiations. Risk appetite improved slightly overnight but overall

Optimism Abound On Brexit, US Stimulus And Data Fronts

Notes/Observations Risk appetite continues to get a shot in the arm Major European PMI Readings bounce back strongly in December (Beats: France, Germany) Continued optimism that a Brexit trade agreement was in reach US Congress said to be moving closer towards agreeing another stimulus package to ai
(Yahoo Finance) 2021 IPO Outlook: What Are The Most Anticipated Companies To Go Public Next Year? - Dec 24, 2020.#marketoutlook2021##AirbnbIPO##ETF#...

FOLLOWLIVE (EVENT) - Three Tips You Should Know About COPYTRADE

Have you ever wonder why you ended up losing money regardless of whether you were subscribing to an outstanding trader or any trader? Hate to break it to you, but copy trading is not as easy as you might think it is. Despite being an easier approach to start trading in forex, there are a few things
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#Tickmill#大概是从2015年接触的。到今天为止,点差依然很有竞争力。交易品种没有ic market多,有段时间可以做特币现在找不到了。整体讲没有遇到特别不好的体验。近年不知道是国内网络的原因,开平仓有些...
(CGTV) Five Million Doses of China's Sinovac Biotech Vaccine Arrive in Brazil. - Dec 25, 2020.#CoronavirusVaccine##SinovacBiotechVaccine##FlashNews#


该账户于2020年12月经历一次爆仓事件;爆仓因手工交易30手黄金空单没设止损,黄金空单的大额浮亏破坏了EA策略资金管理对冲逻辑;后续因保证金不足被平台强制平仓! 10W为自己的情绪化交易买单!!! 今再凑7W回归EA交易 该EA策略后续只做28货币兑!!!
How Long Does it Take to make Consistent Profits in the Market? #howtotrade##BeginnerTrader##NewTraders#
【FCOIN 兑换交易员年会门票】想要了解2021年的行情趋势吗?1月16日,相约深圳。与行业知名导师邵悦华老师、资深自营交易员李治先生、S7交易大赛总冠等特邀嘉宾,一起围坐探讨和学习,抓住未来一年的机遇。 来现场还...
Dealing With Undertrading: Nervous When Placing Trades?  #NewTraders##BeginnerTrader##howtotrade#

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