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Public platform increase your signal value

Statistics show that traders who join the public platform will receive an additional 2,000 USD subscription fee for every 1,000 USD in profit(Data from FOLLOWME Market of Strategy)

    COPYTRADE™ Millisecond cloud service
    Cross-platform copytrading.
    FOLLOWGUARD™ Real-time equity monitoring
    24-hour account protection
    FOLLOWTRADE™ Leading Webtrader
    excellent MT4 trading experience
    FOLLOWQUANT™ Customize your strategy, analysis of
    billion-level order data

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    Application conditions

    • Account equity is more than 2,000.00 USD Account equity must be higher than 2,000 USD during application. After the application is successful, FOLLOWME will conduct irregular inspections. If the equity is less than 2,000 USD, subscriptions will be prohibited.
    • Account are active and profitable In recent 3 months, there are tradings and more than 15 tradings in total, and history profit of manual trading must be > 100USD
    • No following relationship There are subscribing traders. It needs to cancel the subscription. There is a follow-up position order, which needs to close the order or unbind the relationship.
    • Account brokers are formally regulated Account broker have to be regulated by formally regulations.