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lol.. who agree with me?
Developing your weapon become stronger & stronger !! #tradesmart
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Trump says vaccine will be available right after the election #USPresidentDebate# #TrumpTestedPositive#
Put your goal as being in the market and being able to trade, rather than making money #TradeNotes#
pheww hard year
#USPresidentDebate# Trump is losing his presidential election...he tweet like crazy!
Do remember guys, if you fall you get back up stronger and then you see yourself doing well again. Never stop learning to trade. #Trader#

Asia Cheers Trump's Health Improvement, Dollar Down

Yen and Dollar weaken in general as Asia markets recover on positive news on the situation of US President Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection. Australian and Canadian Dollars are firm, but there slightly overshadowed by the Swiss Franc. But after all, movements in the markets are relatively limite

Three warning signs Trump may be sicker than we are being led to believe

Disentangling information and misinformation on Trump's condition is complex, there is so much political spin involved.   STAT is a site with journalism-related to "health, medicine, life sciences". I've turned to this piece for what I hope is objective information with a minimum of political interf

Rally May Stall On Monday For South Korea Shares

Ahead of the long break for the Chuseok Festival, the South Korea stock market had finished higher in three straight sessions, advancing more than 55 points or 3.5 percent along the way. The KOSPI now rests just beneath the 2,330-point plateau although it may open lower on Monday as it catches up on

The UK – Lithuanian Puzzle: A New Regulatory Hurdle for EMIs?

Photo: (Photo: Bloomberg) Electronic Money Institutions (hereinafter- EMIs) which are licensed and regulated under the Central Bank of Lithuania and the Financial Conduct Authority (hereinafter- FCA) will be facing a unique regulatory uncertainty, not just post-Brexit, but also due to the Sixth An
AJ already break the support line..take the chance!#AUD/JPY#
Kind of economic mood 😂

Pull-up Update