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FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - First Week of October

2020/10/05-2020/10/09 Total Trading Orders 268,314 Compared with the previous week’s 309,362, the amount has decreased by 13.3% or 49,429 orders for the latest week. For this week, the total profit of the Top 10 Traders was $259,000. Among these traders, one of our community traders @狂野的猪 achieved t
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Aust PM (Scott Morrison) has released a rather grim stats about the new restrictions on Victoria – saying that Victoria’s stage 4 lockdown would reduce the size of the economy in the Sept quarter by between $7 billion to $9 billion. Furthermore, unemployment is expected to peak at about 10%. But he
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The American Petroleum Institute (API) reported on Tuesday that U.S. crude-oil inventories fell 8.6 million barrels last week, the biggest decline since August 2019 On Wednesday, the Energy Informatio...

Democrats Vs Republicans ...and the USD caught in the middle..

Things get heated up in the US in the battle of the Democrats vs the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi, of the house of Democrats, is pushing for the $600 extra payments to be continued until Feb. It is very clear that Trump, should he opt not to do this – would lose his standing with the people. Trump is c
Any tips on how to beat psychological factors/emotions whilst trading? Would love to hear some real life experience/testimonials from you😊
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