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FOLLOWME - Brightest Stars in 2020

It was not easy to make it through 2020 and definitely will not get easier this year given the on-going circumstances. However, not all is lost as we witnessed some of the greatest moments in human history in 2020. As for FOLLOWME, we are glad to celebrate some of the brightest stars here today that
As we are stepping into the new year, here is a carefully crafted summary of the important headlines and market forecasts by the renowned traders, top analysts and media outlets from all over the wor...

#ChristmasDailyTreat# - Winners Announcement

Following our Christmas Daily Topics campaign ended last Friday, are you excited to see what’s in our Christmas Daily Treat gift box and who are the lucky winners to take them home? Check out the winners for the #ChristmasDailyTreat#campaign below! Winners & Prizes
As we mark the end of 2020, hopefully a new year brings all of us to embark on a journey to a brighter future. We wish all FOLLOWME users the best and thank you for your support along the way! Share y...


Hai teman! Jika Anda ingin meningkatkan strategi perdagangan Anda atau hanya mencari sinyal perdagangan salinan yang tepat, disinilah Anda harus memperhatikan setiap minggu, mulai hari ini! Di sini, kami menyoroti SATU pedagang fantastis setiap minggu berdasarkan kinerja dan peringkat perdagangan me


A GLIMPSE INTO WHAT WE WERE UP TO FOLLOWME has grown incredibly rapidly. In 2020, we reached 659,613 users, amidst other highlights such as new product releases, reports, contests and other events. It’s been an amazing year. To celebrate, here’s a countdown of the top 10 moments and conversati

FOLLOWLIVE (EVENT) - First Rule to Get Promising Return: Disciplined Capital management

When it comes to trading, no matter how good you are in analysing a chart, without a proper risk management system set in place, you are very likely to face two outcomes: Lose Big or Win Small. In fact, it is safe to say that up to 90% of loss-making trades came from the traders who lack the fu


Before the year 2020 ends, we would like to show you our gratitude by hosting this special campaign in order to hear from each of you about your trading skills. But we won't be focusing on the symbols or technical analysis this round, instead, we want to hear from you about your tips and insights in

(DAILY NOTION): BTC/USD – The BTC/USD Bulls Roared Loud, Will the Power Remain? Next Mover: U.S. Coronavirus Relief Package Finalisation

In the early hours of Dec 17, the Bitcoin bulls surged with power and gloriously broke through the $20,000 to hit the current day high of $21,823.77. Analysts had predicted yesterday the $20,511 level should be watched, as it is the topside channel trendline. A break past that level could potentiall

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FOLLOWLIVE (EVENT) - Three Tips You Should Know About COPYTRADE

Have you ever wonder why you ended up losing money regardless of whether you were subscribing to an outstanding trader or any trader? Hate to break it to you, but copy trading is not as easy as you might think it is. Despite being an easier approach to start trading in forex, there are a few things
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FOLLOWLIVE (EVENT) - Tiga Tips Yang Harus Anda Ketahui Tentang COPYTRADE

Pernahkah Anda bertanya-tanya mengapa Anda akhirnya kehilangan uang terlepas dari apakah Anda berlangganan ke pedagang yang luar biasa atau pedagang mana pun? Benci untuk menjelaskannya kepada Anda, tetapi copy trading tidak semudah yang Anda kira. Meskipun merupakan pendekatan yang lebih mudah untu

FOLLOWME Community Trading Overview - November 2020

Total Trading Orders: 1,469,723 November has been an exciting month for the traders with the global headliners such as the on-going coronavirus vaccines, Bitcoin price hit all-time high, gold price crash, and stock markets rally around the world. As we are moving into the final month of the ye
Zen may help people to be rationality, but it shall not be everything of trading. Some of the people always talk about you shall be zen when you are trading. Honestly, they are weak in strategy and a...
#euro# #EUR/GBP# could it be a real breakout or a false breakout.

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