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Zen may help people to be rationality, but it shall not be everything of trading. Some of the people always talk about you shall be zen when you are trading. Honestly, they are weak in strategy and a...
#euro# #EUR/GBP# could it be a real breakout or a false breakout.

EUR/JPY - Buy?

So this situation is almost identical as EUR/USD but the EUR/JPY movement is clearer. 1. You're looking for a buy almost immediately.2. When the candle touches the 20 SMA, take profit on one small position, and leave the second small position with stopped loss by trying to hold it. 3. If you see th

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A more sophisticated trading account homepage now replaced the old one. Better trading experience is embedded in this new homepage, which will definitely bring you a more well-rounded outlook of other trader's trading performance as well as your own's. The new page provides multi-dimensional charts

Bravo, you are the winner!

Regardless of experienced traders or new traders, #GuessNFP is here to award our best guesser, as long as your guessing is the closest to the actual NFP result. Bravo! Bravo! to these users, #GuessNFP for August 2020 recorded 1371k actual result, predicted 1400k, previously 1734k,  and you are the w
I will guess 1600K for NFP on this month #GuessNFP#

Breaking: First Half of 2020 Forex Industry Community Trading Report

The continued spread of the new coronavirus has had a profound impact on the global financial market, forex trading and the industry are shrouded in shadows. According to data released by 36 traders under the supervision of the UK Market Supervision Authority (FCA), from February to July this year,
Sell XAUUSD @1933.00SL: 1935.00TP: 1924.00#XAU/USD#24.08.20

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Trong 3 tháng qua, FOLLOWME đã ghi nhận một lượng người dùng tăng khủng khiếp, từ 40 nghìn lên đến hơn 100 nghìn người dùng trên toàn thế giới. Cùng nhau, chúng ta có thể đạt được những cột mốc quan trọng hơn.   FOLLOWME hiểu rằng trong số 100 nghìn người dùng mới, chắc chắn có những trader không có
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In the past 3 months, FOLLOWME has recorded a tremendous increase in users, from 40k users to more than 100k users worldwide. Together we can achieve greater milestones.   FOLLOWME does understand that among 100k new users, definitely there new traders who have zero knowledge in trading. In order to

Last week copy trade result

Gold try to break 1929.50 yesterday however it closed the daily candle above it, to begin today with bullish predisposition in attempt to move away from this level, which implies the price heading to recover in the upcoming sessions, on its direction to test 1967.90 initially. The expected trad

Pull-up Update