Profit Show: Enjoy a New Stream of Income

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Profit Show: Enjoy a New Stream of Income


Dear user, 

Are you ready to up your trading game to the next level? Introducing FOLLOWME’s new campaign, #PROFITSHOW# - As long as you have a live trading account, you can participate in this event.

You can get up to 500 FCOIN reward, which is equal to 50USD. Most important thing is, the FCOIN you receive from this campaign can withdrawn to cash.


What to do?

Show your profit with a video/screenshot or add a trading note to your post.

a, Add Trading order or Trading Record, tag #Profitshow# and share your thoughts

Profit Show: Enjoy a New Stream of Income


b, Share profit screenshot/video, tag #Profitshow# and share your thoughts

Profit Show: Enjoy a New Stream of Income


Don't know how to add an order or photo? Click here to read the guide.

What is the reward?

Up to 500 FCOIN (equal to withdrawable 50USD)

How much can I get?

a, share #profitshow# for 1 time: 10 FCOIN

b, share #profitshow# for 3 consecutive trading days: 30 FCOIN

c, share #profitshow# for 7 consecutive trading days: 50 FCOIN

d, Featured #Profitshow# content: extra 50 FCOIN for each post.

(we select 5-10 high-quality #Profitshow# content every Monday, priority selection of trading notes, which comes from your live account connecting to FOLLOWME platform)


Alice posts #Profitshow# content for 7 consecutive trading days, she can reward 50FCOIN, if two of her content are selected as high-quality content, she will get 50+50+50=150 FCOIN, which is 15 USD.

When can I get the reward?

April 2nd, 2021


Mar 15th - Mar 31st,2021

Can’t wait to start earning more? Go ahead and start sharing your profit with us!





1, Only videos post and "Notes" are eligible to get the reward.

2, As long as it is a profit show, both videos, and photos from any trading platform are acceptable. However, only personal real account records are eligible for the campaign, any deception of using someone else's account record will not be rewarded.

3, Reward a, b, and c cannot be accumulated. Example:

Alice posted Profitshow content for 7 consecutive working days, she can get 50FCOIN

4, FOLLOWME is keen to discover opinion leaders. Feel free to check out our OPINION LEADER PROGRAM for further cooperation.

For more details about FCOIN, please refer to:

Everything you need to know about FCOIN

How to use "Wallet" feature?

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Total 445 FCOIN reward


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