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FOLLOWME Community Regulation

1. The community’s fundamental rule


FOLLOWME is a creative trading community. The community is based on investment strategy sharing and investment knowledge sharing. Hence, community regulation was built by FOLLOWME for users.


The information from the community is for investment reference only, which is to let users studying, sharing, and interacting with each other, and it is not for any recommendation. The investment should be depended on the investor’s thinking and decision, the community shall not take any responsibility for any investment profit or loss. The investment has the risk, the investor shall know the risk and be careful before starting to invest.


The community hopes all the users and investors speak positively and sharing.


2. User behavior


2.1 Irregularity judgment

2.1.1 Advertising


The advertising shall be permitted by the community, please contact the customer service for cooperation if you need to advertising. In below situation, the unauthorized advertising on the post, comment, and immediate message(IM) will be banned:

  • The message includes commercial event link, unauthorized solicitation link, and other deception links;
  • The message includes QR code, phone number, email address, and any social media account;
  • Any other content with exposure trading platforms, selling, provide trading services, and so on.

2.1.2 Spam


The user who sharing and speaking positively is very welcome in the community. However, for most users have a great experience, the community is strictly prohibited below behaviors:

  • The content is similarity or repetition in the community, for example, the sentence like “I like this.” spam on the feed;
  • The content is copied from other user’s post in the community;
  • The content is pointless in the community, for example, meaningless emoji spam on the feed.


2.1.3 Inappropriate behavior


The community is for traders and investors to communicate. FOLLOWME welcomes the users’ communication which is based on regulation, legal, and understanding each other. The words below are banned by the community:

  • The content contains pornography, superstition, violence, violation of laws and regulations, and involving political sensitive;
  • The content contains insults, discrimination, defamation, aggression, and other unkind words;
  • The content contains distort facts, spread rumors, plagiarize, steal others’ work, fabricate stories to cheat peoples’ attention, etc.

2.1.4 Profile irregularity


The community is welcome the user to update and edit their profile to display the personality and personal image, but the things below are banned in the community:

  • The account portrait, nickname, bio and strategy introduction infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of others;
  • The account portrait, nickname, bio and strategy introduction contains QR code, phone number and any external links or social media contacts;
  • The account portrait, nickname, bio and strategy introduction contains vulgar, pornographic, and offensive.

2.2 Irregularity penalize


The punishment is divided into three levels below depend on users behavior:


First level: edit, not recommend, delete, warning.

Apply to the new user or first offender, the irregularities had a low impact on the community due to unfamiliar the regulation of community;


Second level: silence

The silence can be one day, three days, fifteen days, thirty days and indefinite depend on the user’s behavior. The execute this rule is following the stair-step, which is applied to the behavior have a strong negative impact in the community.


Third level: Deactivate account

The community keeps the right to deactivate account which is serious irregularities to impact the community significantly and negatively. The deactivated account can not log in to the community.


3. About content


The community is encouraging the user to produce and share premium content. The premium content is highlighted by the community with more exposure and recommendation. The unworthiness and meaninglessness content will be deprecated by the community. The details please check below:


3.1 Recommendation

  • The high-quality original production and user-generated content;
  • The valuable trading-related content;
  • Regular, lovely and positive message;

3.2 Not recommendation

  • Irregularity content
  • The content is obvious common sense error;
  • Harsh content;
  • Controversy content;
  • Spam and copyright infringement content.

4. Report


The community set Reportfunction, below content will be reported:

  • Irregularity content;
  • Content that causes massive bickering and name-calling among users.

On the contrary, below content shall not be reported:

  • The content meets the specification but the user not interested in;
  • Undifferentiated reporting that will be seen as malicious reporting.

About the punishment of malicious reporting.

  • To guarantee user experience in this community. The malicious reporting will be canceled and the repeatedly malicious reporting user will be silenced.

5. Complaint

If users have any questions or objections about the treatment and punishment of community administrators, please contact FollowmeAssist or drop an email to


6. Declaration


6.1 Reliability


The user of FOLLOWME community has the right to speak, but it represents the user’s personal opinion only. Investing requires judgment and decision making based on your independent thinking. In FOLLOWME community, the official account set up by FOLLOWME represents the official stand for the community’s comments about its products and technology-related issues.


6.2 Copyright


If any attempt is made to reprint or quote the content of the FOLLOWME community to other places for non-commercial, non-profit, or advertising purposes, the original source of the content should be noted. In case of infringement, the copyright can complain to FOLLOWME with relevant documents to prove the copyright, which will be processed after verification. 


Disclaimer: The content above represents only the views of the author or guest. It does not represent any views or positions of FOLLOWME and does not mean that FOLLOWME agrees with its statement or description, nor does it constitute any investment advice. For all actions taken by visitors based on information provided by the FOLLOWME community, the community does not assume any form of liability unless otherwise expressly promised in writing.

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