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#XAU Chút nhận định về em vàng. Vàng sau khi retest lại vùng cản mạnh 1915-1919 đã giảm mạnh. Và xuất hiện mô hình nến đảo chiều Engulfing ở D1 đồng thời tạo vùng supply zone trên...
The youngest female trader on the New York Stock Exchange.

Oil Prices Drop

🔷 Covid-19 cases soared & lockdowns are imposed in EU & CN 🔷 SA Crown Prince plans to build zero-carbon city 🔷 Iraq increased crude sales prices to Asia in February #CrudeOil##oilprice##FX##NewTraders#

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Trading Mood

Ever found yourself in a trading slump that made you question your skills? Having a hard time regaining the motivation you need to keep hustling in the trading arena? Even seasoned traders have found themselves in this kind of rut at one point or another in their career so we’ve rounded up some tips
Aha! Gotcha! As my prediction yesterday 😘

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Second Week of November 2020

2020/11/9-2020/11/13 Total Trading Order 406,213 Compared with the previous week’s 340,886, the total trading order has grown by 19.1% or 65,327 for the latest week. For the latest week, the Top 10 Traders has delivered an outstanding performance with a total profit of $263,000 from the previous wee

Gold Price Recoil From Chart Resistance As The US Dollar Strengthens.

Gold prices have entered a period of consolidation since coming off the all-time high (US$ 2,075) in early August. Recently, gold seemed to have found strong support at US$ 1,870 (the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement) and has since rebounded, entering into an “Ascending Channel” as highlighted in the cha
Người ta bảo theo đuổi đam mê thì thành công sẽ theo đuổi bạn.Nhưng đam mê cái này thì chỉ có chủ nợ theo đuổi thôi 😞😞😞#IamAtrader#...

Overcome Obstacles and Climb the Glory, "I AM A TRADER" Season 6 Drew to a Successful Close!

In 2020, FOLLOWME Trading Community and FX168 Financial Group jointly organized "I AM A TRADER" The International Professional League Season 6, amid the much-anticipated, finally come to a successful end. 24 media outlets were united to broadcast the contest; FXTM, Hantec Group, KVB PRIME, PRCBroker

Will Bitcoin Reach $20,000 Before the End of 2020?

Photo: Finance Magnates Well, folks, the moment has arrived–Bitcoin is up and past $16,000 for the first time in more than two years. The pass over the $16,000 mark comes after a week of slow and steady gains; last Friday, BTC was already showing signs of heading to $16,000 as a continuation of a

Pull-up Update

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