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Keep trading,keep cool.
HaHaHa If you know, you know.😝 Facts.
Buy now is it a good entry? Let's see tmr😜
A good breakfast is the best kick start for a day😜 Guys please take your breakfast ya!
13 Oct
Morning Breakfast. #trade #health #food #life
Prove yourself to yourself not others.😄
No one is born a great trader, one learns by trading. 😉
Gold is in danger right now. You can see that with the price going below the resistance level of 2075.05, the beginning of downtrend is expected. Good luck with trading guys.
Trading doesn't just reveal your character, it also builds it if you stay in the game long enough.🤔
Yes as I said yesterday😜now is around 1909, I closed with 100pips.
Yes, do not be constrained by anything, be yourself. Be happy every day!!😘
Is it make sense?😜 Once it breaks through 1900, I think it should be a buy.
Big capital with big lot size, use the correct lot size to your account. Proper risk management is one of the key element in trading.🙋‍♂️ Happy trading day everyone.
Let's go, bae 😝
HAHA please do the proper risk management ya😂

BUY GOLD / XAUUSD 14/10/2020

#XAU/USD# ENTRY :SL : 1896TP1 : 1970TP2 : 2070

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