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Chào mọi người. Lại là Minh đây. Hôm nay mình sẽ chia sẻ phân tích của bản thân về cặp USDCHF nhé. Nhiều bạn có nhắn tin cho mình bảo xem bài và không hiểu cách vào lệnh, điểm SL và...
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never give up trading gold even if it takes high risk

USD/JPY consider fine

This is my latest pair on copytrade... Hit the TP!

Volatility and liquidation

If you are going to trade, do find major pair easier to find best setup... USD/JPY is one of it


Never give up trading XAU/USD. high risk with high profits ;)

Favourite pair so far

Gold bring wealth and consistency.. Any fans of this pair here?

Keeping my eye on WTI..

WTI was on my personal radar this week on account of the OPEC Joint Ministerial Committee Meeting as well as the US Energy Information Adminstration (EIA) report.EIA eventually reported that crude oil inventories fell by 1.6mio barrels to 512.5 mio barrels for the week ending 14 August 2020.Fresh ou

Looking for more $$$ this week!

A good close to the week. And just in the nick of time - as it was reported today that Japan's Second Quarter GDP is the sharpest contraction on record and worst than expected (Expectation was 7.5%). This is also the third consecutive quarter of GDP contraction for Japan.

My day that was..

It was indeed a roller coaster ride for the yellow metal yesterday – it was observed to move $65 in almost 60 minutes – a few hours before Fed Chairman’s Jeremy Powell’s speech. However, as the USD gained steam post Powell speech, it exerted downside pressure on gold which marked the heaviest losses

Trading S Capital

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Gold Profits on 8.26

Keep an eye for Powell's storm tonight. Will market earthquake tomorrow?

What will this week hold?

Always good to close the week in 'green'. But, the question is: how would WTI fare this week? That remains to be seen and am keeping a watchful eye out so I do not get carried away on last week's high without paying attention to this week's movements. That is, after all the trader's game - constant

Finally made some profits!

Gained 349.64 dollar. Let's take off!

Pull-up Update