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From Japan.

Japan’s core machinery orders for the month of August result: +0.2% month on month vs forecast of -1.0% (Prior was 6.3% month on month). This reflects a certain degree of resilience in capital spending even in the midst of economic pressure due to the pandemic. The core machinery orders is an indica

Of tweets, debates and an all around interesting time for the US! You hang tight, Dollar!

Hello traders, any thoughts on the VP candidates debate yesterday?For me, I was eager for the debate and pleased that it was much more calm than the presidential debates previously.Also good to see security measures put in place in view of the Covid situation.The moderator, Susan Page, of course had

And ROUND 2 begins with Harris and Pence entering the ring!

Good morning traders! Heads up - the US Vice President Candidates Debate will be starting short. It's Kamala Harris vs Vice President Pence! Will it be as heated as the previous presidential one? Only way to find out - tune in via The Post's website or Bloomberg Facebook! Hopefully, it won't lead to

Resilient EUR/USD

Following on the heels of Trump, whose words regarding the halting of the stimulus deal brought on a risk aversion sentiment in the market – in Europe, the words of ECB’s President, La Garde were not brighter as she expressed concerns about the economic recovery and ‘that she fears that instead of a

The Great American Dream?

What a rather tumultuous time in the US, with President Trump and the First Lady being diagnosed with Covid, and less than a month to the US Presidential Election!Care to share any of your thoughts on how the USD would perform in the next few weeks?Here are some comments from a poll conducted by Reu
Refresher for this Monday morning! Have a wonderful week, traders!

To US and UK. Re: Your Conflict Issues. Message: Make peace, already! Yours Sincerely, A host of currencies.

As two of the most powerful nations of the world battle internal politics, the rest of us (and the markets) anxiously watch.UK and Brexit situation: The European Commission has announced that it would be sending a ‘letter of formal notice’ for breach of Withdrawal Agreement by the UK. US Democrats v
It's Friday Eve, traders!💪 Let's close the week with great results!

Live Updates from the First-US Presidential Debate

Watching the live stream of the first US Presidential debate via Bloomberg – fiery is certainly the right word to describe the debate between the two presidential candidates!Some key points discussed within the first hour:1) Coronavirus response2) Econom

This will help you to track key economic indicators.

There are so many key data releases that we can be left wondering what comes next, and what does it impact. Came across this article via Bloomberg on key economic indicators – with the latest updates and which economic indicators are out next. Simply click this link and save it under your favorites


The EUR/JPY has come down to 122.40, signaling a drop under its 100 day MA for the first time since May. Stay tuned for the below releases out from Europe this week:· Eurozone Unemployment Rate on Thursday – will the trend of increasing unemployment rate
I am always super excited when the weekend is here (well, almost here anyway..but who's counting?)😎 Wishing all of you a happy productive Friday ahead!

Is that the bear coming up on the horizon for NZD/USD?

Key updates from the latest New Zealand data releases:1) NZ trade balance for August: 353 million NZD (Expected: 350 million NZD and Prior: 282 million NZD)2) Exports: 4.41billion NZD (Expected: 4.41 billion NZD and Prior: 4.91 billion NZD)3)

UK, UK...Work from Home, Pubs to close at 10pm, Brexit concerns...Dear GBP, how will you fare under all these?

The GBP/USD was seen to hit the lowest level since July which is 1.2709.UK PM Boris Johnson has outlined new restrictions in the UK in view that cases are doubling every 7 -20 days. All pubs are to be closed by 10pm and office works are urged to work from home if possible. The Governor of Bank of En

Mayday, says the Euro?

In response to the rising Coronavirus cases in Europe, the EUR/USD fell on Monday to 1.1731, a fresh September low.Early today, it was seen to move away from moving averages on the 4 hour chart. The 20 day SMA seems to be gaining bearish strengths underneath the larger ones. Immediate support is at

Pull-up Update