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FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - First Week of October

2020/10/05-2020/10/09 Total Trading Orders 268,314 Compared with the previous week’s 309,362, the amount has decreased by 13.3% or 49,429 orders for the latest week. For this week, the total profit of the Top 10 Traders was $259,000. Among these traders, one of our community traders @狂野的猪 achieved t
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This week in a glance...for GBP, USD & AUD.

1) The October 15 deadline set by PM Boris Johnson is only 4 days away. Uncertainties still loom on the horizon with regards to the Brexit deal – so looks like volatility is also on the plate for the GBP.2) Positive progress in the stimulus package deal


After long holiday termed the Golden Weekend – China markets are finally reopening today! Caixin Services PMI are also due out today. Forecast is 54.3 for Sept vs 54.0 in August. For the USD/CNH, key daily chart shows a bullish divergence and a bullish inside day candle was also spotted on Tuesday.

WANTED: A catalyst for gold price

In the aftermath of Trump’s tweet, gold has still not recovered as it backed out technical resistance around the $1,921 mark. It now remains below Tuesday’s high and within a descending wedge pattern. While it awaits a catalyst to break off the sluggishness, the yellow metal could now be trading sid
A simple reminder to all my friends here...take a break when you need it..and come back refreshed and ready to fight! 💪 #trading#


Review on gold:1) Indicators are slightly bullish2) MACD signal lines are above zero but histogram is very flat3) RSI is above 50 but looks slightly sideways4) Recent risk rest seemed to cheering on the bulls. 5) It is refreshing intraday high while breaking a $2 range below $1,915. 6) However, this

NFP Results and latest US unemployment rate

Non Farm Payrolls came in at 661k. It was below forecast of 800k to 1 million. The bigger sectors with larger job gains are: - Leisure/Hospitality: 318k- Retail: 142 k- Healthca

A rise for gold?

Over the last week, the price of the yellow metal was seen to track an upward rise - approaching $1,900, on the back of USD weakness and sluggish US equities.Should the stimulus package be approved, it will further add on to the US public debt which is currently climbing at a historic pace– which in

A new quarter begins..

Today, we begin a new quarter – and the last quarter of the year! Bring it on! What are some your goals and ambition for this last quarter? How quickly time flies, isn’t it? I felt like we had just begun the year 2020. This historic year of 2020 would certainly be remembered by everyone. No one woul
Dear Mr Bean, wanna try your hand in trading? Hope this made you smile. Happy Wednesday to all of you! #wednesdayhumor
Having all the different patterns in one diagram really helps me, and I hope that this would help you too👍
Patience is a virtue:)

Of Gold.

Gold has been on the sidelines as the USD gained much strength throughout this week. The USD has currently retreated from two months high. A Doji candle was observed at the yellow metal price yesterday – pointing towards an indecision. However, as a correction is looming for the USD, would it give a
Anyone else dreaming of a vacation? 😎 #tradingmotivation

Buying And Selling Currency Pairs- Major Currency Pairs

Major Currency Pairs The currency pairs listed below are considered the “majors.” These pairs all contain the U.S. dollar (USD) on one side and are the most frequently traded. Compared to the crosses and exotics, price moves more frequently with the majors, which provide more trading opportunities.

Pull-up Update