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A new quarter begins..

Today, we begin a new quarter – and the last quarter of the year! Bring it on! What are some your goals and ambition for this last quarter? How quickly time flies, isn’t it? I felt like we had just begun the year 2020. This historic year of 2020 would certainly be remembered by everyone. No one woul
  • Kimlove:
    Good one - patience is definitely a virtue here!!!👍's hard sometimes...😂

[ShareAndWin] It's a wrap!

Over the past month, our #ShareAndWin# campaign has received tonnes of positive feedback from the FOLLOWME users worldwide, and we are happy to announce that the campaign has officially ended. We would like to extend a million thanks to all FOLLOWME users, with the success of #ShareAndWin# generatin
  • Kimlove:
    Nice! Can't wait for the results..👍👍

Worst presidential debate in the history - what are your thoughts?

CNN calls it a "shitshow," among other non-flattering names. Here's how the internet reacted to a volatile presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden went after each other the minute 2020's chaotic first pres
  • Kimlove:
    Haha...I was so shocked when I heard the 'shut up' comment!😂 And the poor moderator - he really tried his best to keep things under control - but I also noticed him joining in with some of his inpu...


#USD/JPY# Possible good sell setup ... Currently price on a good resistance, MACD & RSI showing divergence ... While currency strength Yen/JPY is the weakest. Waiting for confirmation ( Break of structure & Previous lows with momentum )
  • Kimlove:
    The pair was seen to create a false breakdown of the 104.17 level (July lows). Usually a false breakdown will lead to a breakout
Dear Mr Bean, wanna try your hand in trading? Hope this made you smile. Happy Wednesday to all of you! #wednesdayhumor

Eating In and a New CEO Are Recipe for 345% Tupperware Rally

Janet FreundTue, September 29, 2020, 9:58 PM GMT+8(Bloomberg) -- More people eating at home and enthusiasm about a corporate turnaround campaign have made Tupperware Brands Corp. one of the hottest stocks on Wall Street.Tupperware shares have soared 345% in the third quarter, giving it the biggest g
  • Kimlove:
    Wow - reading this, I am reminded how 'one person's loss is another person's gain' - very apt in the case of Tupperware, indeed!🙂

Global coronavirus deaths are now at 1,000,555

One million people have died from Covid-19, official data from Johns Hopkins reports.  Estimates suggest the virus may be among the world's top five causes of death as global cases are now at 33, 273, 720.  Global deaths are at 1,000,555 with both developed and emerging economies strive to contain t
  • Kimlove:
    This is appearing to be a pandemic, unlike any other. It has impacted lives, the economy....we should always exercise caution, not take things for granted and pray for a vaccine to be ready soon, and ...

Double bottom pattern

#XAU/USD# Gold has formed a double bottom pattern and broke out of the neckline. this is an opportunity for us to take the long postion.
  • Kimlove:
    I agree with going long! Prime time!! Here's to making some $$$
Having all the different patterns in one diagram really helps me, and I hope that this would help you too👍

Let’s reveal how trader make profit in just short time!- Weekly Report

2020/09/21-2020/09/25 Total Trading Orders 309,362 Compared with 259,933 orders last week, increased 49,429 orders, and the increase rate is 19% For this week, the total profit of top 10 traders with the highest profit has reached 368K dollars. Among traders,  this is the first time for @careny47 be
  • Kimlove:
    Awesome job!!! It spurs me on to pursue my dream💪💪

#TradeNotes# Result Announcement - FCOIN in your Wallet

Are you excited for our FCOIN rewards? FOLLOWME is ready to announce the winners of #TradeNotes# Challenge. In this #TradeNotes# challenge, a total of 357 notes have been shared by 31 users. This challenge has successfully increased 336 views and 712 discussed in 12 da
Your behavior decides your trading journey
  • Kimlove:
    Yes, I agree - I think our behaviour and our mindset determines not only our trading journey..but every part of our lives as well..

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Trading Mood

Ever found yourself in a trading slump that made you question your skills? Having a hard time regaining the motivation you need to keep hustling in the trading arena? Even seasoned traders have found themselves in this kind of rut at one point or another in their career so we’ve rounded up some tips
  • Kimlove:
    I like # 4 - I think it's always good to take a break once in a while so that we will come back refreshed, recharged with a more focused mind! It really helps me..
  • Kimlove:
    Wise advise, especially about diversifying the portfolio part...that is an essential part of risk management as well..

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