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Market&Mind is a column developed by Ron William who devotes himself in researching trading psychology. As a trading educator, he will present you excellent market strategies and psychological advices.
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The quandary on how to deal with volatility is made more difficult because of the natural human reaction. I specialise in behavioural trading and i talk in this video about how the mind copes with VUC...
What are the market opportunities in the current environment? Check out this video and you will find out! #Knowledge# #market# #Market&Mind#

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It is all about the mentality. As we are moving towards a new year, let's keep giving our best shot and gain what we lost this year. #Market&Mind# #MarketCorrection# #trading#

Where Did You Gold? - Gold Fell Below $1,900 Again, But Buyers Still Dominate The Market

Illustration photo of Gold Price D1 Chart from ForexLive In the European market, the gold price has just pulled up short-term to return to the $1,880 mark. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a vote of 275-134 on Monday to release $2,000 in stimulus relief per person. As pointed out by Justin L
Silver breakout is just getting started! Minimum price objective (MPO) at $30, with risk of a price spike into $44. High-volatility risk-reward is NOT for the faint hearted! Owning silver is good for...
Don't be stubborn, don't be angry, observe the price action of the entire market in order to continue trading.

Gold Price Review & Forecast

Gold parabolic rise still targets $2400, risking a price spike into $3000, similar to the historical pattern of 1980.Short-Term: Overbought reaction is a wakeup call to Gold bugs. There is “no straight-line price move”. Markets traditionally move 3 steps forward and one step back. Gold latest correc
According to the behavioural approach to risk management, lose or gain is a physiological experience that can take a trader to the survival state of fight or flight reaction. I am Ron William from RW ...
When the market rally breaks, we may see ‘echoes of 1929’ + SP500 V-shape recovery hits pandemic price gap + Presidential election cycle remains negative in H2 2020 + Roadmap investment cycle; Fall...
Trading psychology- establishing a trading mindset in volatile times。 With the recent uptick in market volatility, how is it best to prepare your mindset to avoid the usual pitfalls? i talk about the...
Major Macro Markets Analysis, 15 June 2020 #Market&Mind# #Todayanalysis#

Equity Market Crash: What Next?

Equity Market Crash: What Next? Watch exclusive media interview below for more information.4 KEY Charts:Catching the falling knife. LT crash -30% risk ahead. Big picture cycle risk 2020-2023. Bear Market Roadmap, 3-stage process, NOT an event.
新年快乐 Happy New Year! The year of 20:20 vision. Let's do this! #MarketsMind #PerformanceCoaching#GoalSetting2020 #FailingForward #IntensiChi #RWAdvisory
EURUSD ST rally overbought into YTD peak at 1.1260. Watch for potential temporary weakness back into 1.1090, which may serve as a renewed tactical buying opportunity. #FX# ...
#SP500 Crash dead-cat bounce fails into 3145 (value zone) & LT 200-day MA "make-or-break" level at 3049. Opportunistic SHORT trade exited at 2960, profiting +380pts. The tactical setup was initiated f...

Pull-up Update

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