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Daily Market Report - 29th Oct 2020

NCM Investment - The Festival of GOLDOPEN ACCOUNT AND GET A CHANCE TO WIN GOLDFor more details: Website: EUR/USD pair fell to 1.1717 this Wednesday, a fresh weekly low, as panic took over the
Which one are you? 🤣 #keepitsecret#trading#
#FX# EURGBP currently trading at lower trendline and bulls about to takeover
FX option expiries for Wednesday October 28 at the 10am NY cut EUR/USD 1.1800 1.0bn euro amount 1.1805 729m 1.1830 555m 1.1900 958m 1.1950 806m USD/JPY 103.50 519m USD amuont 103....
#GBP/USD# Setup for today. Got something on your mind to spill? #trading# #letstrade
Ideally, avoid entering the market next week due to US election day on Tuesday, 3rd November 2020.
Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. 😉
[BREAKING] Bitcoin is trading near $14,000, the highest since January 2018. The leading cryptocurrency has been rallying on an upward trend for several months now. Ethereum is lagging behind.
First time posting here... I meant to post this #Eurusd signal yesterday before it materialised but I wasn't well familiar with the platform so I failed. Anyway... It was a #Success😉
[DAILY NOTION] FOLLOWME x TradingCentral - Futures Look to Rebound on Data, Stimulus Updates - Oct 28, 2020 #insightsboard# #TradingCentral# ...
The price for EUR/USD pair continues to fall as I expected. The impulse for the fall was a strong resistance line, from which the price bounced off in the last week's end. Now the price has broken thr...

Trump vs Biden: US Election 2020 Watchlist

BET WHO WILL WIN THE 2020 ELECTIONTrump who is running the country like a reality TV show OR Biden who is a grounded and down to earth man who have strong empathy for others?Time and time again, market has shown to rally after US election. However, Democrats win always lead to BETTER gains than Repu
I took advantage of the oversold situation. I definitely went for long position. Secured my small profit just now. I could have waited longer but i decided not too. Purely my choice. Not yet confident...
EUR/USD Intraday: caution. Pivot: 1.1770 Our preference: short positions below 1.1770 with targets at 1.1715 & 1.1685 in extension. Alternative scenario: above 1.1770 look for further upside wit...

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