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The quandary on how to deal with volatility is made more difficult because of the natural human reaction. I specialise in behavioural trading and i talk in this video about how the mind copes with VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and adversity and comes up with a strategy. #market# #Market&Mind# #trading#

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What about ambiguity?
Speak of the truth, strategy is a huge deal for traders. Thank you for sharing.
grt insight...truly valuable during these times
Hi Ron - any new videos coming out soon - I always look forward to your valuable insights:)
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love it. Much helpful. Thanks!
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thanks for this insightful video. I always think that I am impatient and anxious when trading. I will try to follow your advice. Looking forward for more!
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@Linda888:glad that you found it useful. Trading is all about market and mind. :)
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after knowing the theory, it's time to put it into practice💪
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@ZoeLee:good luck!
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controlling your own mind is the key step to success!
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this video really comes at the right time especially looking at the developments of the market in the past few months and what's to come
Your insight on human's reaction to volatility made me see how it runs in tandem to human's basic instinct to either freeze, fight or flight when faced with danger...what an amazing connection. Love this! More to come, I truly hope.
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this is an astonishing eye opener. Good stuff!
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wow! never knew psychology's impact on trading so transparently.
How powerful is our mindset! Love this sharing and especially your question on how we perceive volatility - risk, opportunity or uncertainty.
Trading and emotion cannot be seperated.. 帅气

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