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Dollar Tumbles as Fed Adopts Average Inflation Targeting to Allow Inflation Overshoot

Dollar appears to have finally taken a side, the downside, with Fed chair Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole speech. In short, Fed is now adopting a “flexible form of average inflation targeting”, to achieve inflation that “averages 2 percent over time”. Therefore, following periods when inflation has bee

Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD slips below $27.50 as doji on 4H recall sellers

Silver takes a U-turn from form the weekly high of $27.52. Bearish candlestick formation highlights 50-bar SMA, 61.8% of Fibonacci retracement for sellers. Friday’s top holds the key to pair’s further upside. Silver refrains from extending the previous day’s bullish momentum while declining to $27.

XauUsd Short term sell

#XAU/USD# Bearish Flag Formation and ABCD
Monday again~ Any high impact pair to be look upon for this week?
Killer Triangle This pattern scheme is due to the vigilant market conditions - Sideways / ragging mood. Sometimes a day in a week there will definitely be a price in a dilemma to go up or down. (30 ...
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糟糕的6月,和黑暗的7月已去,8月已经到来!看着大家发的盈利总结真是羡慕,有的5000变5万,有的10万变100万刀,而我却接二连三的爆,让大家看了笑话!笑就笑吧!人生无非就是笑笑别人,也让别人笑笑自己!距离年底只剩5个月了,也就是说要完成我的小目标,每个月最少盈利2000刀,平均每天100刀!严格按照我的系统来,我相信每天100还是可以完成的!大家也别评论了,我要离开社区一段时间,等我100变2000时,我会凯旋归来!加油,三毛点金! #交易笔记挑战赛第7期# #XAU/USD#  
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    还是熟悉的味道 我要走了 我要努力 我要自律 我要加油 我要一天多少盈利 我要一月多少 我要100变多少 把仓爆起来才是王道炸弹炸弹炸弹
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#ShareAndWin# Extended

Good day to all FOLLOWME users! FOLLOWME is here today to announce a good news - #ShareAndWin# campaign will be extended to Sept 30. Instead of ending the campaign by August 28, we have decided to extend till Sept 30 instead, an additional 1-month campaign duration. Kind reminder to u
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WTI consolidates recent gains near 25-week high above $43.50

WTI bulls catch a breather after rising to $43.86, the highest levels since early-March. Higher than expected EIA stockpile draw, fears of hurricane Laura keeps the bulls hopeful. Cautious sentiment ahead of the key US events probes further upside. Following its run-up to the highest since March 06

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