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Good day to all FOLLOWME users! FOLLOWME is here today to announce a good news - #ShareAndWin# campaign will be extended to Sept 30.

Instead of ending the campaign by August 28, we have decided to extend till Sept 30 instead, an additional 1-month campaign duration. Kind reminder to users who wish to participate in #ShareAndWin#, there are two main conditions to fulfill.


Two conditions required:

1) #ShareAndWin# campaign, give out reward according to screenshot

2) Posting of screenshot must hashtag #ShareAndWin#

3) Maximum reward for one post on social media or FOLLOWME, 50 FCOIN, regardless of the number of shares, and comments on each post.

To participate, follow these easy 3 steps:

1) Select an existing FOLLOWME article from @FOLLOWMEOFFICIAL or write a review article for FOLLOWME.

2) Share that article on your social media or trading forum, screenshot that post

3) Post screenshot on FOLLOWME, and tag #ShareAndWin#

#ShareAndWin# Extended

Updated time frame for #ShareAndWin# campaign:

1) August 17 – Sept 30 2020 (Posting period)

2) October 1 – October 14 2020 (Review period by FOLLOWME, do not delete any post as FOLLOWME wish to keep track of all likes, comments,and shares, to give out the reward as soon as possible).

3) October 15- October 20 2020 ( Announcement of two winners by FOLLOWME)#ShareAndWin# Extended

For participating users, FOLLOWME appreciates your participation, however FOLLOWME does understand that such extension would not be fair, therefore additional reward of 10FCOIN per post will be rewarded to relevant users, ending date on August 28.

These 4 users will be rewarded:

1) @sukmoaji274 – 4 post , 40FCOIN

2) @ajimommi – 2 post , 20FCOIN

3) @dinhngaaa98 – 31 post , 310 FCOIN

4) @taulaai8 -1 post, 10- FCOIN


Stay connected by following #ShareAndWin# and kindly refer to this article for a detailed campaign explanation.

Disclaimer: FOLLOWME reserves the right to change this policy at any given time, or which you will be promptly updated.



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