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#GBP/NZD# BULLISH Deep Crab & BAT Strong potential reversal zone price need to follow Green Trend line & hit target If price Breaks Red Trend line is where EXIT before SL hits POTENTIAL BUY


#AUD/CHF# Sell Stop: Entry Point-66500 Stop Loss-66442 My theory is simple, regardless of the time frame you observe, the indicator you use, it is all about finding the equilibrium. No matter how the market changes, it will eventually incline towards one direction, which is either Bull

EUR/USD 30MIN analyse

#EUR/USD# EUR/USD 30MIN analyse, happy trading!

Price Outlook - GBPJPY - 8H

#GBP/JPY# A week of deception was brought by this pair and it looks to have created a declining channel with it. Possible outlook would be that a break above the channel could rally the pair to break the resistance of the ascending channel and enter within the resistance zone . Whereas


#NZD/USD# Price will sell to the buy zone short term but will continue the long term uptrend

EUR/USD Bullish Quick Markup

#EUR/USD# Well above 200 EMA and continue to see bullish action for a while against our weakened USD. Respecting .781 Fib I expect a jump up

GBPUSD Sell Setup!

#GBP/USD# Hello everyone, if you like the idea, do not forget to support with a like and follow. on DAILY: GBPUSD is sitting around a strong resistance/supply in green so we will be looking for sell setups on lower timeframes. on H1: GBPUSD is forming an ascending triangle in red, but

Pullback Buy on GJ

#GBP/JPY# My arrows are my game plan for this week coming. I'm looking for a pullback from its current resistance. Then I will look to buy once we are done the pullback.

Gold Inverted Cup and Handle

#XAU/USD# Still waiting confirmation. Target is 1800

USDJPY one more down?

#USD/JPY# Hi traders new floor will be looking for buy setups. if you looking to sell watch the breakout on the correction in the making. good luck thanks for support like, share and comment below

FTSE 100 retreat from previous highs 2 daily long setups

#UK100# The divergence btw price and RIS indicate losing the momentum of going to the upside Much room to go down. I got two setup plans on the daily basis. 1. long at the pullback around 5910-5840, RR above 5 2. if price for some unknow reasons penetrate the level of 6463-6522, say with

RIse of the currency pair CADJPY

#CAD/JPY# Same as previous post, the retail sales m/m showed that the positive amount and higher than the forecast result. it is good to the currency. We have to wait for the right timing and patience to trade. tp: 80.115

Eur/Jpy headed towards the SKY?

#EUR/JPY# 1:4H/1H: Market in a bullish run making HH/HL. 2:Market broke previous HH and now retesting it at level 123.000. 3:Looking left 123.000 level has been holding the price strongly(in past). 4:Big bullish candle showing strong buyers in the market. 5:Market at 61% level of fibs(

Pull-up Update