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Copytrade is it worth it?

· Do you trust in gold volatility?· Are u fans of Gold asset?· Do u believe in gold sentiment/news related? Then you are on the right track to choose @ProEA as your strateg

New Zealand report 12 new coronavirus cases today

12 new cases confirmed in the past 24 hours two are outside of Auckland NZ Health minister says all of the cases are linked to a single cluster --- The prospect of the NZ lockdown ending today as scheduled is diminishing, earlier: New Zealand new coronavirus cases continue to rise - new doubt tha

A balance of risk and reward.

Hello friends. Have you guys been following the ‘Weekly Top Trades’ results published by FOLLOWME Official? If no, then you definitely should! If yes, you might be wondering what makes our winners successful. Took the liberty to study their key accounts to help those looking for signals to follow an
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Eurozone August Sentix investor confidence -13.4 vs -15.1 expected

Sentix 10 August 2020 prior 18.2    Slightly better than expected, but a minor data point. Still growing confidence (or at least not as bad as expected) is better than the alternative. EURUSD unfazed and flat.    It's a yawn kind of day with the only bit of action the EURUSD pulling away from 1
US presidential elections
AUD/CAD Nearly reach the demand zone 0.955, we can start selling now Sell limit at 0.95500 Stop loss at 0.9600 Take profit at 0.9450 Always put stop loss because we can control the market...

Phân tích về giá vàng và cú sập mạnh vừa qua !

Trong những ngày qua giá vàng đang gây bão thực sự với cú sập mạnh từ 2073 về lại 1863 tức hơn 300$/ouz. Media chủ yếu truyền thông sự kiện này bởi vì có thông tin Vacxin của Nga mà TT Puntin công bố là đã thử nghiệm trên chính con gái của mình. Mình xin đính chính lại là thông tin đó ảnh hương khôn
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USD/JPY Mid-Day Outlook

Daily Pivots: (S1) 106.54; (P) 106.78; (R1) 107.12; Intraday bias in USD/JPY remain son the upside for the moment and outlook is unchanged. Corrective fall from 111.71 should have completed with three waves down to 104.18, after missing 100% projection of 111.71 to 105.98 from 109.85 at 104.12. Furt
14 august

Pull-up Update