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Hye. I have deep passion towards trading forex. My aim is to become professional trader

Women Empowerment in the Financial Industry

Another women trader who inspire me today. Any female trader out here? Check out her success journey! Lauren Simmons, the youngest female trader in the New York Stock Exchange's 225-year history, has signed on to host the upcoming interactive streaming series "Going Public." "Going Public" will foll

[DAILY NOTION] DailyForex - USD/JPY Forecast - Oct 20, 2020

There is no doubt that the movement of the USD/JPY around and below the 105.00 support still confirms the extent of the bears’ control on the performance. The pair does not care about the technical indicators reaching oversold areas, but the greater concern is the extent of investor risk appetite.Mo

[BREAKING] Sterling Neutral as Traders Hope For Brexit Trade Deal

LONDON (Reuters) - Sterling traders kept the currency afloat on Tuesday as they searched for clues on how likely it was for Britain to reach a trade deal with the European Union by the end of the year.Price actions suggest investors lean towards a scenario where both parties eventually will agree on
how long have you been trading?#trading#

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Second Week of October

2020/10/12-2020/10/16 Total Trading Order 289,805 Compared with the previous week’s 268,314, the total trading order has grown by 8% or 21,491 for the latest week. For this week, the total profit of the Top 10 Traders was $270,000. Among these traders, one of our community traders @愿者上钩 successfully
Choosing the right broker is an important step before you start trading. Make sure to research each broker thoroughly to find the one that suits you best.

[Golden Scout] Looming Stimulus Deadline Spooks Investors

Photo : H4 gold priceThe only alternative for Trump is a quick win with a smaller stimulus package, but that’s also unlikely to receive Democratic support. There will be a stand-alone vote on more Paycheck Protection funds on Tuesday followed by a vote on a skinny $500-billion stimulus bill on

[Where Did You Gold?] Daily Gold Price Analysis & Forecast

Kuala Lumpur (GMT+8) - If the price of gold rises below this key level, the market outlook may see a fall of more than $20.Spot gold fell moderately and the price of gold is now lingering around $1907 per ounce. This report is an analysis of the gold price trend.Regarding the price trend of gold, si

[Where Did You Gold?] Short Term Gold Price Rose to 1910, Will It Continue?

FX168 (Hong Kong) - In the European market on Friday (October 16), the U.S. dollar fell slightly from its high. Spot gold took the opportunity to rebound and approached the 1910 mark. Silver rose further above 24$, and crude oil prices were slightly under pressure.Regarding the price trends of gold,
AUDUSD 做多 触动Daily Support + BE 价格0.7560 TP 340 pip SL 170pip#trading# #FX# #AUD/USD#

[BREAKING] Chinese Economy Grew 4.9% in the Third Quarter

BEIJING (CNBC) — China’s economy recovered further from the coronavirus in the third quarter, according to data released Monday by the National Bureau of Statistics.The world’s second-largest economy reported third-quarter GDP growth on the low end of expectations, up 4.9% from a year ago. That brin
If you are looking for swing trading, you should know how to cope up with floating losses. Remain calm and do not panic. There are few risk management technics that can be applied to ensure the floati...
For today, I am looking for a buy opportunity. The RSI in H1 and H4 indicates that the pair has already been oversold. The base supports are best buying opportunities. Trade at your own risk! All the...
Like I said yesterday, it was a buy opportunity. However, it almost touch my price action but it didn't. Therefore, i did not execute the order. It did go bullish up to 500 points. 😓. Hoping for an...
#GBP/USD# Execution on the last Friday. Better late than never! #trading# #letstrade

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