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  • UPGRADE: Trading Account Management - Must-Read for MT4 Account Users!
    07 Jan
  • Like It? Reward It!--FCOIN Reward The Post You Like
    25 Nov 2020
  • Trading Account Analysis
    16 Sept 2020

UPGRADE: Trading Account Management - Must-Read for MT4 Account Users!

Hi there! Wish you a happy new year! Here comes an upgraded version of trading account management. This is the first important product feature introductions of 2021. The information below is important to all traders and followers, so we strongly advise users to read it carefully. Our features have b

Đăng ký Tín hiệu Nhà giao dịch (Vietnamese)

FOLLOWME có đến 500,000 nhà giao dịch cung cấp tín hiệu đến từ 170 quốc gia khác nhau. Một khi bạn có tài khoản MetaTrader4 đã kết nối với FOLLOWME, ngay sau đó bạn đã có thể theo dõi các nhà cung giao dịch cung cấp tins hiệu Trước hết, bạn có thể chọn một nhà giao dịch yêu thích, nhấp vào chi tiết
Is it really worth it to become a trader? #forextraders##BeginnerTrader#

Làm thế nào để sử dụng Tin nhắn & Trò chuyện Nhóm? (Vietnamese)

Với chức năng Tin nhắn FOLLOWME, bạn có thể trò chuyện trên máy tính/điện thoại di động của mình để liên hệ với những người dùng mà bạn quan tâm ngay lập tức. Nếu bạn nhận được một tin nhắn bị nghi ngờ là spam hoặc khiến bạn cảm thấy khó chịu, bạn có thể chặn hoặc báo cáo tin nhắn đó. Gửi và nhận ti
Got a question about our products? Not sure how to use some of the features here? Just reach out to us by leaving a comment below or send us an instant message (IM)! We'd be happy to help! ...

Like It? Reward It!--FCOIN Reward The Post You Like

Hey users, if you have noticed, we have made a few changes in the latest update. First, our news feed layout has been reduced to three channels from the previous four channels into Following, Recommended and Notes. We intend to present you with the most relevant trading content based on your activit

How to Use "Quotes" Feature?

"Quotes" is the online trading features that FOLLOWME provides on App version, while WEBTRADE is available for web trader. Here is the introduction to "Quotes".   Surface 1. Latest: stands for latest "Bid Price". If you are not logged in, the demo will be displayed, and the Broker's quotation will b

How to Use "Wallet" Feature?

"Wallet" is a feature of FOLLOWME to help you manage your balance and conduct transaction within our service. First of all, you will need to understand the following terms that you would encounter. ( Notes: Taking Apps interface as example, the web interface is very similar)   Points What are point

Subscribe to Trader Signals

FOLLOWME has over 500,000 trader signals from more than 170 different countries. Once you have MetaTrader4 account to connect with FOLLOWME, then you can subscribe to these trader signals. First of all, you can select a favorite trader, click into account details via signal list or personal homepag

How to Use Signal Feature

Qualified traders and their performances will be displayed in the ‘Signal’ tab ranked by FOLLOWME algorithm. ‘Signal’ list shows key data of the Trader's account such as return on investment (ROI), subscriber base, and more, making it convenient for you to screen and choose. Note: APP and WEB conten

Updated Profile Homepage

New profile page comes together with the brand new account homepage, which is elaborated with "Chart" " Rank" "Subscribe" "Order", bring user experience in a higher level. Good things come in twins. New profile page will definitely give you an amazing experience while checking out either your own pr

Trading Account Analysis

A more sophisticated trading account homepage now replaced the old one. Better trading experience is embedded in this new homepage, which will definitely bring you a more well-rounded outlook of other trader's trading performance as well as your own's. The new page provides multi-dimensional charts

How to Use Message & Group Chat?

With FOLLOWME Message function, you can chat on your computer/mobile to contact the users you care about instantly. If you receive a message that is suspected of being spam or that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can block or report the message.   Send and Receive Message 1. Who can I send message