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CFTC Cancels Registrations Of Phy Capital Investments And Its CEO

Photo: Commodity Futures Trading CommissionThe Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has revoked the regulatory approvals of a Brazilian national and his Miami-based futures trading fund for defrauding investors out of $7.5 million.The securities regulator said Fabio Bretas De Freitas and his

Impress Your Date with Forex Lingo

As in any new skill that you learn, you need to learn the lingo… especially if you wish to win your love’s heart.You, the newbie, must know certain terms like the back of your hand before making your first trade.Some of these terms you’ve already learned, but it never hurts to do a little review.Maj

Japan’s SBI Holdings Kicks off First Security Token Offering

Photo: SBI Holdings Major Japanese financial services company SBI Holdings is set to launch its first security token offering (STO) by allocating shares of its esports games arm, SBI e-Sports Co., Ltd. SBI Holdings will be the underwriter for the issuance of 1,000 shares of common stock in its sub

FCA Bans Crypto Derivatives Sale To Retail Consumers

The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority issued a ban of the sale of derivatives and exchange traded notes (ETNs) that reference certain types of cryptoassets to retail consumers.The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority issued a ban of the sale of derivatives and exchange traded notes (ETNs) that reference

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - First Week of October

2020/10/05-2020/10/09 Total Trading Orders 268,314 Compared with the previous week’s 309,362, the amount has decreased by 13.3% or 49,429 orders for the latest week. For this week, the total profit of the Top 10 Traders was $259,000. Among these traders, one of our community traders @狂野的猪 achieved t
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How I Made $2,000,000 Trading WTI -Part Two

OPEC vs USOil was first commercially extracted and put to use in the U.S.The United States controlled oil prices for a majority of 20th century. The supply and demand for oil rose with the discovery of oil in Iran in 1908 and Saudi Arabia during the 1930s.OPEC increased the influence on o

How I Made 2,000,000 USD Trading WTI?Part-Three

Five Steps to Making a Profit in Crude Oil Trading:1. Learn What Moves Crude Oil: Crude oil moves through perceptions of supply and demand, affected by worldwide output, as well as global economic prosperity. 2. Understand the Crowd:Professional traders and hedgers dominate the energy

How I Made 2,000,000 USD Trading WTI?Part-Four

Crude Oil Price ForecastOil price forecasts depend on the interaction between supply and demand for oil on international markets. EIA: Brent crude oil prices will average $33.04 per barrel in 2020 and $45.62 per barrel in 2021. IMF: Brent oil prices will plunge to $36.9 per barre

How I Made $2,000,000 Trading WTI -Part One

#FolloWebinar##followmeevent#At 10am (GMT+0) on May 28, 2020, T. M. Kausher @TMK starts the live on “How I Made $2,000,000 Trading WTI.”Here are the main contents on this live, and FOLLOWME Hub will keep posting the updates. Please stay tuned! WTI, BrenT, & Dub