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【每周一谈】第27期 | 交易是需要“靠天吃饭”的吗?

最近的市场上不乏有这样的声音:交易就是三年不开张,开张吃三年,想要好的收益需要大盘的配合,也就是大的经济环境,包括国内经济和国际经济。如果真的是三年不开张,甚至亏损,有几人又能够撑过这三年呢?就像在2020年的行情下,任凭你技术再精通,有几人可以不亏损?又有几人可以赚钱?好的收成需要老天成全。 但也有一些投资者表示,市场上最不缺的就是机会,品种之间是联动的,对不同的行情做出对应的交易行为就有很大的获利机会。我命由我不由天。   对此,你怎么看?是认为交易是需要“靠天吃饭”的还是摆脱“靠天吃饭”?一起来聊聊你的看法吧~~   参与方式 方式一:在文末评论区分享你对此话题的看法。话题姐会从评论区
  • Elinor:
    有行情才有的赚,没行情就没得赚甚至亏钱回撤。 做交易就是靠天吃饭。
15 Oct
7月 Profit +38.71% 8月 Profit +44.96% 9月 Profit +35.68% 1/10 Profit +1.07% 2/10 Profit +1.02% 5/10 Profit +0.21% 6/10 Profit +1.31% 7/10 Profit +0.55% 8/10 Profit +0.25% 9/10 Profit +0.95% 12/10 Prof...

Ant Group’s $35 Billion IPO Won’t Be Affected by Possible US Restrictions

The United States' possible curbs on Ant Group won't affect the companies revenue in a meaningful way, analysts say. Photo: Hong Kong Ant Group’s $35 billion initial public offering (IPO) is unlikely to suffer from possible US restrictions on the company due to the fact that its presence overseas i
12 Oct

This week in a glance...for GBP, USD & AUD.

1) The October 15 deadline set by PM Boris Johnson is only 4 days away. Uncertainties still loom on the horizon with regards to the Brexit deal – so looks like volatility is also on the plate for the GBP.2) Positive progress in the stimulus package deal
U.S. DOLLAR INDEX FUTURES HOURLY DXY reached the top side of its breakout level (neckline) today. Support here is reinforced by VWAP from the low, which held as support throughout September. This i...
“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything” - Warren Buffett #tradingskill#
10 Oct

Japan’s SBI Holdings Kicks off First Security Token Offering

Photo: SBI Holdings Major Japanese financial services company SBI Holdings is set to launch its first security token offering (STO) by allocating shares of its esports games arm, SBI e-Sports Co., Ltd. SBI Holdings will be the underwriter for the issuance of 1,000 shares of common stock in its sub
09 Oct

UJ Buying setup

#USD/JPY# retesting ascending triangle
08 Oct

Dollar, yen dip as U.S. stimulus hopes help risk-on mood

LONDON (Reuters) - The dollar and safe-haven Japanese yen nursed losses on Thursday, after revived hopes for U.S. fiscal stimulus improved investor sentiment, while the prospect of negative interest rates knocked the New Zealand dollar lower. FILE PHOTO: U.S. Dollar and Japan Yen notes are seen in
07 Oct
pheww hard year
07 Oct

EUR/USD Mid-Day Outlook

Daily Pivots: (S1) 1.1729; (P) 1.1764; (R1) 1.1820; Intraday bias in EUR/USD stays on the upside as rebound from 1.1612 is in progress. Corrective pull back from 1.2011 should have completed and further rise would be seen to retest this high. On the downside, below 1.1695 minor support will turn bia
07 Oct
How to become a successful stock trader? #tradingskill# #tradingsystem# #howtotrade#
ECB bought €26.8bn of Italian bonds & €18.7bn of Spanish govt debt through PEPP in Aug & Sep. That was slightly more than their quotas, but cap key deviation was smaller than during spring, when sur...

Pull-up Update