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  • (DAILY NOTION): BTC/USD Bulls Waiting for Next Catalyst, Next Mover: Biden Administration's Policies
  • Bitcoin and Altcoins Correct After Yellen's 'Illicit Financing' Critique

(DAILY NOTION): BTC/USD Bulls Waiting for Next Catalyst, Next Mover: Biden Administration's Policies

Source: Yahoo Finance The BTC/USD moved up to a high of $37,712. 37 yesterday but has since dipped to $36,294.01. At present time, the price is at $36,465.33 with a Relative Strength Index of 43. Analyst Anil Panchal from FX Street believes that an upward movement is possible, given the upbeat Movin

Bitcoin and Altcoins Correct After Yellen's 'Illicit Financing' Critique

Photo: Coin Telegraph On Tuesday, Ethereum (ETH) underwent a bullish breakout which propelled the price to a new all-time high at $1,428. While the move may have been technical, the fundamentals for Etheruem continue to improve as less than one month after launch there is now $3.8 billion worth

(DAILY NOTION): Is XRP/USD On the Cusp Of Breaking Out? Next Mover: SEC's Final Decision

Source: Yahoo Finance After experiencing a sharp decline at the end of December due to a lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), XRP/USD has been having a rather tough time. However, it seems to be breaking the pattern as a sharp ascent to $0.2914 is observed today, bringing

Ethereum is Climbing Fast and Some Investors Netted Up To 11,000% in One Year

Photo: Reuters (Daily Mail) - The world of cryptocurrency is dominated by the entity which started it all: Bitcoin. It is the oldest, most valuable, and best known digital currency by a distance. The number two by all these measures is Ethereum. Its value has actually risen faster in rece

(DAILY NOTION): Are The BTC/USD Bears Showing Up? Next Mover: Upcoming PMI Data from U.S., Japan, U.K.

Source: Yahoo Finance BTC/USD experienced a sharp upwards traction from $35,626.40 to $36,649.07. This was immediately followed by a sharp decline to the price at present time, which is $35, 984.65. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) also dipped from an overbought condition of 81 to present a reading

Bitcoin's Recent Surge Creates New Billionaires

Source: Unsplash (Forbes) - In the investing world, money talks. On rare occasions, however, vindication is even better than a giant mountain of cash. Over the past decade, the true believers of the cryptocurrency revolution have turned what was once considered an oddball peanut gallery in the finan

(WEEKLY NOTION): A Mixed Week For BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, But What's Ahead? Next Mover: After-Effects of The Biden Plan

BTC/USD (as of Jan 15, 2021, 12.10 p.m., GMT +8) Source: Yahoo Finance ETH/USD (as of Jan 15, 2021, 12.20 p.m., GMT +8) Source: Yahoo Finance XRP/USD (as of Jan 15, 2021, 12.20 p.m., GMT +8) Source: Yahoo Finance At the start of this week, the cryptocurrency market experienced a major selloff, as mo

(DAILY NOTION): Bulls Defend ETH/USD Well, But Can They Sustain? Next Mover: Earnings Report

Source: Yahoo Finance On Jan 10, ETH/USD surged upwards to hit $1,348 before being hit by a market sell-off that caused it to drop to $915. The ETH/USD market cap is presently at $142.37 billion (13.34% of the total cryptocurrency market cap). This is $4.63 billion shy of its all-time high of $ 147
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Bitcoin Futures Traders Still Optimistic

Photo: Coin Telegraph Bitcoin price recovered by 27% just three days after testing the $31,000 support and earlier today bull recaptured the $40,000 level. This quick recovery occurred despite the digital asset facing one of the largest buy-side liquidations in a single day as $1.5 billion was wiped

An Incredible Start to the Year

The new year is off to an incredible start with events on Capitol Hill last night highlighting just how big a job Joe Biden has in bringing the country back together again. We’ve become quite de-sensitized to what would once be considered outrageous in recent years but what we saw in Washington on W

FOLLOWME - Brightest Stars Di Tahun 2020 (Indonesian)

Tidak mudah untuk melewati tahun 2020 dan pasti tidak akan lebih mudah tahun ini mengingat keadaan yang sedang berlangsung. Namun, tidak semuanya hilang saat kita menyaksikan beberapa momen terbesar dalam sejarah umat manusia. Untuk FOLLOWME, kami senang merayakan beberapa bintang paling cemerlang d

German Company Uses Stellar Blockchain to Issue $24 Million Bond

Photo: Stellar Vonovia, one of the leading housing companies in Germany, announced that it has issued €20 million ($24.3 million) worth of digital bond on stellar blockchain. The newly launched three-year bond will use Stellar blockchain technology for the transfer of real estate rights. According t

BTC Is Taking Over Wall Street–But What About Main Street?

Photo: FM Bitcoin seems to be on the road to recovery after a dip earlier this week. After several days of uncertainty, some analysts believe the price of Bitcoin seemed to be making stronger movements towards rebounding over $40K. However, even if Bitcoin is in for another dip, many analysts seem t

Japan Core Machine Orders Rise 1.5% In November

The value of core machine orders in Japan was up 1.5 percent on month in November, the Cabinet Office said on Thursday - coming in at 854.8 billion yen. That beat forecasts for a decline of 6.2 percent following the 17.1 percent spike in October. On a yearly basis, core machine orders were down 11.3

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