A rise for gold?

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Over the last week, the price of the yellow metal was seen to track an upward rise - approaching $1,900, on the back of USD weakness and sluggish US equities.

Should the stimulus package be approved, it will further add on to the US public debt which is currently climbing at a historic pace– which in turn will be leverage to support the case for gold price rise.

Three factors that might spur gold buyers:

50-day EMA around $1,908, 21-day EMA near $1,912 and a falling trend line from August 2007 at $1,932.50.

For sellers:

The $1,881.77 region can probe sellers as it highlights the 100day EMA level of $1,857.

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Analysis of XAUUSD my last trade on gold was short an am glad it did hit the target for almost 5%, now I still see gold and silver going to lower maybe near structure lows
For now price pulled back to the liquidity base to feed on. There is some chance it might even go higher to the point of bearish release. But in general we are in bearish mode for now
not likely at this moment
The decline has confirmed a rising wedge breakdown on the hourly chart. The bearish reversal pattern indicates that the recovery rally from the Sept.