A new quarter begins..

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Today, we begin a new quarter – and the last quarter of the year! Bring it on! What are some your goals and ambition for this last quarter? How quickly time flies, isn’t it? I felt like we had just begun the year 2020. This historic year of 2020 would certainly be remembered by everyone. No one would ever forget the impact of a tiny virus called the coronavirus.

Well, as we all journey towards the end of the year 2020 – may all your wishes and dreams come true – and that you will end 2020 on a high note!

As we journey, there are uncertainties and difficulties we face – the most important things is to never give up hope and keep your dreams alive.

I am finding inspiration in a favorite currency pair, the EUR/USD:

The EUR/USD ended the 3rd quarter with 4.3% gains – the biggest single quarter percentage gain since April-June 2017, where it rose by 7.14%. Although the pair is still trapped a decade long bearish channel, there’s hope yet.

Let’s keep the hope alive, traders – may all our dreams come true! 

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awaiting for some uptick in this quarter
You and me both👍
yeah..hope this one is good!
Totally - let's hope for the very best! Believe it will:)
yes, hope in this quarter things turn for the better
Yes, me too! I am looking forward to finish 2020 on a sweet note😄