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Trade for beginners.

The most I earned this month

Sharing what I earned 2 weeks ago.Very unstable nowadays. Have to trade carefully guys~

8.12 a day to make profit

Sell gold ! have a nice trading day!


Opting for a bearish call for this pairing this week, so willing to cut my losses here. EUR/USD showing signs of exhaustion, and the initial 'high' following the successful Euro stimulus package is tapering off. On the other hand, Trump's announcement on executive orders as well as better than expec


Slowly, but the tortoise in the tortoise vs hare story.Banked on this opportunity and the recent announcement from EIA, which is the US' Energy Information Administration - who said crude oil stocks in US declined by 4.5mio barrels for week ending Aug 7th - in comparison to analysts es

weekly update

still in profit mode, nothing much to say. #FOLLOWSTAR# #Profitshow#


最近做了很多单 总结一下自己的交易这个是战绩这个是订单


Continuing on my journey with the EUR/USD - but exercising caution here as an indecisive sentiment is observed. The pair was seen to form a Doji candle last week (indicating that neither buyers nor sellers controlled the action). The Doji candle was observed after the price hit 26 month highs above

Volatility and liquidation

If you are going to trade, do find major pair easier to find best setup... USD/JPY is one of it

Keeping my eye on WTI..

WTI was on my personal radar this week on account of the OPEC Joint Ministerial Committee Meeting as well as the US Energy Information Adminstration (EIA) report.EIA eventually reported that crude oil inventories fell by 1.6mio barrels to 512.5 mio barrels for the week ending 14 August 2020.Fresh ou

8.19-profits on XAU/USD

Gold climbed upto 2020 level again yesterday. while now at 1988 level. XAU/USD is looking to extend its hold above the $1990 level,gold gainted support form the slump of the US dolloar.


never give up trading gold even if it takes high risk
Waiting #90USDBonus# not completed
Bank of England 20 August 2020 US dollar liquidity-providing operations from 1 September 2020 In view of continuing improvements in US dollar funding conditions and the low demand at recent 7-day ma...

Rebounding from previous mistake.

Recovered my previous losses from this pair through a more accurate analysis! A testimony of every mistake can be turned to good if we are willing to learn from it, be patient and never give up.On another note, anyone also picking up on how USD is breaking the norm today by picking up bids despite t

Favourite pair so far

Gold bring wealth and consistency.. Any fans of this pair here?

Pull-up Update