How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?

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Signal Provider Application Conditions

1, Before applying for a signal provider, real-name authentication must be completed, and the real-name information of the trading account must match the real-name authentication information.

2, No subscribing orders.

3, For API accounts, once the real-name verification is accomplished, your application will be approved automatically.

4, Users who have completed authentication do not need to re-authenticate in the future.

5, Once submitted the application will be approved automatically if the account accords with our requirements. If the real-name verification didn’t pass, the result will be sent to the user in 1-2 working days.


"Signal" Listing Rules

The signal list is only open to signal providers of licensed brokers. This is related to the rights of the signal providers, please read it carefully.

  1. Signal providers' signals can be exposed and displayed on the “Signal” page.
  2. Signal providers on the signal list can set up a subscription fee.
  3. These rights do not include the signal providers of unlicensed brokers.
  4. Click here to check out the list of licensed brokers

Real-name authentication can be submitted during the application process or can be directly authenticated in advance through the APP/WEB: Setting - Account Info - Verification.

How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?


Connect Account on App

Create a new account

  1.  Click on “Popularity Brokers”, and direct to the broker page.
  2. Trading accounts created under AIP brokers will be automatically connected to FOLLOWME, and other broker’s accounts should be connected manually.
How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?

Connect an existing account

  1. Click on “Existing Account”.
  2. Searching for the server of your trading account or the name of the broker, once successfully matched, choose the appropriate server.
  3. Type in your MT4 account and password to connect.
  4. It takes around 1 to 5 minutes for the accounts to be connected. You will receive a notification once the connection is accomplished, and you can leave the page after submitting.
How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?


Account Management on App

You can easily manage your trading accounts on the 5th tab, account performance, subscription, general setting, and orders all show here. 

How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?


Payment by Credit Card is Accepted for Android User

Subscription Fee:

· Signal providers can get 80% of the subscription fee paid from subscribers.

Withdrawal Rules

  • The minimum withdrawal is USD 10.00, which is expected to arrive within 5 working days. 

Handling Fee:

based on the local bank rate and payment options, the information below is for reference.

  • Bank account: The bank transfer may require a handling fee of USD 33.
  • Withdraw to Paypal account: Paypal channel fee for each transaction: 4.4% + USD 0.30.


What’s FCOIN? 

Click here to find out more about it!



Quickly Open and Close Positions

Quick open and close positions and minimum copy trade open lots settings.

How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?

Signal Page

Users can check the signal provider’s profit on the signal page.

How To Become a Signal Provider on FOLLOWME?

Ready to sign up and become a signal provider? Click here!

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alright that's nice
This is the only copy trading platform I know that don't allow non-USD accounts, which is weird bcos it is not technically difficult to do it. I have a huge SGD account that would score 10 points on Capital Size in FollowRank but cannot connect. Pathetic.
My broker isn't supported and i l've to set as free all my signals, this is a real job, not a game. @FOLLOWME Support
@Product Features Is there any plan to support non-USD based MT4 account to be used as Signal Provider? I can see a few other sites allow non-USD accounts though.😬
they said this is to protect followers right , because some traders may remove bad performance account , and only remain profitable one. I think this is reasonable.
This is really good
@Valentina how are you bro