Who Will Be The Next Winner?

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Congratulations @nmkvijay for winning last 2 weeks top prize with 700 FCOIN by sharing How To Find out Impulse Wave in Live Forex and Stocks Charts Using Elliott Wave Theory - Click to see.

This is a video in his trading knowledge sharing series. He puts a lot of effort and dedication when sharing his knowledge to contribute to the development of our community. He totally deserves this award.

Who Will Be The Next Winner?

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Congratulations to all the winners!

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Hi guys, @FOLLOWME Support thanks for the prize. It is 2 times you mention me as winner (500 and 100) but actually i got zero credit from it so far 😊
Verified Official Many thanks for your participation and congratulations.
Verified Official About the last time reward, the reason why we hadn’t reward you is that your award article has no .
Verified Official If you post an article with , your article will have the . Thank you~
Where is Peng Shuai? #pengshuai#
Nice. 👍👌
It's a great activity.😘
Appreciate, its an encouragement for us. thanks
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@Sarbaz My pleasure.
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Thanks lot🙏 for all the members and @FOLLOWME Support team
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@nmkvijay Congratulations 🎉
Thank you 🙏
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@Noswus You are welcome.
Thank you so much! @FOLLOWME Support When will I receive the reward? 😍😍😍
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@Lahuti Congratulations and your rewards will be sent in recent days. Thank you~
wow, many winners
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@Myrna Yes, you can participate in the event, too.