[ShareAndWin] It's a wrap!

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Over the past month, our #ShareAndWin# campaign has received tonnes of positive feedback from the FOLLOWME users worldwide, and we are happy to announce that the campaign has officially ended. We would like to extend a million thanks to all FOLLOWME users, with the success of #ShareAndWin# generating more than 300 authentic posts, on FOLLOWME, Facebook, Twiter, and trading forums.

Stay tuned as we are about to announce the winners on October 15 2020. A kind reminder to all participants: Do not delete any of your original or shared posts and remember to submit the screenshots of the posts as proof, containing the number of comments and shares of each post.

Get the latest updates by following #ShareAndWin# and find out if you can walk away with our grand prize of 400 FCOIN + 30USD Apple apps store credit or Google play store credit!



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indeed...looking forward to the next one!
cool...waiting for the next one
loved this!
Thank you for this! omg i cant wait :)
thanks followme! can't wait for the announcement!
Nice! Can't wait for the results..👍👍
I am excited for the results!😍