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GBP/CAD Price Analysis: Bears waiting for break of key support M1/W1/D1/H4
AUD/CHF Price Analysis: Bears waiting for bearish confirmaitons for 1:3 R/R setup M1/D1

Coming up on Tuesday - Fed Chair Powell speaking

Federal Reserve System Chair Powell speaks to the National Association for Business  Economics. At 1440 GMT on Tuesday 6 October 2020  To speak from a prepared text, I haven't sighted the topic but given the venue it should be pertinent. There will be a Q&A to follow

Three warning signs Trump may be sicker than we are being led to believe

Disentangling information and misinformation on Trump's condition is complex, there is so much political spin involved.   STAT is a site with journalism-related to "health, medicine, life sciences". I've turned to this piece for what I hope is objective information with a minimum of political interf
AUD/USD Price Analysis: Price being monitored for a break of support structure Monthly/Weekly/Daily

RBA monetary policy meeting Tuesday 5 October 2020 - preview

Reserve Bank of Australia decision will be announced at 2.30pm Sydney time, which is 0330 GMT  The consensus is for no change to policy at this meeting.   Via KiwiBank: No change to policy setting is expected at this week's meeting.  However, the statement will be scrutinised for any change in tone
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USD/CAD Daily Outlook

Daily Pivots: (S1) 1.3278; (P) 1.3305; (R1) 1.3332; Intraday bias in USD/CAD remains neutral for the moment. Further rise is mildly in favor with 1.3259 resistance turned support intact. On the upside, break of 1.3418 will resume the rebound from 1.2994. Such rebound is seen as a correction to whole

Expand Your Trading Network with FOLLOWME

FOLLOWME is a social trading platform that supports more than 2,000 brokers. Since 2015, we have attracted more than 30,000 active professional traders and over 400,000 registered users on our unique social trading platform. This novel approach of providing an open communication platform for all you
Charts do NOT predict prices. No form of TA predicts prices. Charts suggest the path of least resistance Charts provide a means to determine the risk of a trade Charts offer help in timing Charts off...
It is a major development that a global corporation is now putting $BTC onto its balance sheet. The weekly and daily charts a poised to flash a big buy signal. #BTC/USD#
This U.S. stock is undergoing a parabolic advance (arithmetic scale) and has benefited from Covid-19. Do you know the name of this stock? Hint: I shop it a lot - second only to Amazon. ...
CFTC slaps @BitMEX for illegally operating a crypto exchange. This is a strong statement by U.S. government that cryptos are a financial derivative and that crypto trading will be regulated. ...
How do you handle an "error" trade? Let's say you wanted to buy, but clicked "sell" Let's say you wanted a limit order, but clicked "market" Let's say you wanted to buy 100 shares, but clicked 1,000 ...

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