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“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything” - Warren Buffett #tradingskill#
You have to trade like it’s a business not gambling, an emotional endeavor, or an ego trip. #TradeNotes#
Simple, easy-to-understand price action patterns can make good trading signals. #tradingskill#
Too many people start trading and investing that should still be reading and studying instead. #TradeComment#
The New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ will be open regular hours on Columbus Day it is a federal holiday when stocks continue to trade: Oct 12th. #TradeNotes#
The most important factor to consider before setting position sizing parameters for a trading system is the risk of ruin. #TradeNotes#
Trading tips: Your system must have an edge. You need faith in your system. You need faith in yourself to follow your system. Your trade size should be a size that keeps your emotions manageab...
Consistent growth is one of the most important principles of success. Whether it is money, habits, relationships, or your career, growing a little better every day can be life changing over the long t...
“The greatest investment a young person can make is in their own education, in their own mind. Because money comes and goes. Relationships come and go. But what you learn once stays with you forever....
The stock market is an expensive place to learn about ego problems. #StockMarket#
Money talks, and a lot of times it just says "Goodbye" to people that don't know how to manage it and make it grow. #TradeNotes#
You need faith in yourself and your system to make it as a trader or investor long term. #Tradingpsychology#
The market is rallying today based on what Trump tweeted last night, that he was open to a stimulus package if his criterias were met. Which is unlikely. This is causing volatility but nothing is gett...

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