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This week deal with Gold 

Only do 0.01 -0.02 Small in eachStart 72$ on 21/9 My first aim is $1000 😚😚😚

Do share when you make profits

xau/usdwanna know when can my ea take off?

On the right track

Thank you for your support. I will continue to do my best. #Todayanalysis#

I Caught a 533pips of Profit.

Good Morning everyone, Monday is not blue everyday.Whole new trading week :D Happy trading day guys.


small profit yesterday.

Time to prep for US Election result

US Dollar, JPY, Gold continue to be my safe haven targets at the moment.

8.19-profits on XAU/USD

Gold climbed upto 2020 level again yesterday. while now at 1988 level. XAU/USD is looking to extend its hold above the $1990 level,gold gainted support form the slump of the US dolloar.

UJ profit hiking

121 pips with 0.71 lots. Not bad eih?

This week on WTI.

Positive that the WTI will continue on the upside trend this week, based on 3 things I could garnerDemocrats seem to be extending the olive branch to Trump and asked for a meeting to discuss more stimulus. This was communicated by Trump via a tweet, and oil was observed to be picking up gains after.
Đến năm 2021, Fed cần tăng gấp đôi QE để theo kịp tốc độ phát hành trái phiếu của chính phủ Hoa Kỳ. Một số nhà phân tích kỳ vọng vào một thời điểm trong 3-4 tháng tới, Fed s...
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(BLOOMBERG) TD Securities's Mitul Kotecha on Asian Currencies: 2021 Will be a Very Good Year. - Nov 27, 2020.#Currencies##AUD/USD##Economy#...
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Prospek EUR/USD Tetap Positif – UOB

Pandangan 24 jam: "Kemarin, kami berpandangan bahwa 'ada ruang bagi EUR untuk menguji 1,1955 terlebih dahulu sebelum pullback dapat diharapkan'. Harapan kami tidak cukup karena EUR mundur setelah menyentuh tertinggi 1,1940. Peningkatan momentum telah berkurang secara signifikan dan EU

Pull-up Update