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USD sustained weakness beyond 2020 is not on the table – ANZ

The US dollar is in fierce focus as the currency weakens across the G10. The narrative around this trade has been easy to see: low US rates, rising political tension in the US and struggles to form consensus around the next round of much needed fiscal stimulus. Add to this a rollover in the US’s gro
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I like trade, but how to?

GBPUSD - Long signal setup by Keltner + Pivot

#GBP/USD# 6 times success, now is 7. Risk: 1%. * Tradingview's backtest time: 3.5 years the default of Tradingview differs between currency pairs (Cryto is the default backtest time is shorter because the market is open both Saturday and Sunday: about 2 years) - Base on order: 2 ways


Next week's trading will open at the top, trying the top level of $ 2000. #TradeNotes# and whether usd is getting depressed
oke me proses
Any thought on CADJPY dear friend? #CAD/JPY#

DAX Technical Analysis: Bear Pattern [Video]

DAX Technical Analysis  Plus; FTSE 100  Elliott Wave Analysis DAX 30 Index  Technical Analysis: Bearish Impulse pattern DAX 30 Elliott Wave: Wave (v) of i) or a) Trading Levels: 13,000 Major Level as Resistance DAX30 Trading Strategy: preparing short trade set-up

When is China's Caixin Manufacturing PMI and how could it affect the AUD/USD?

China Caixin Manufacturing PMI overview Having witnessed upbeat prints of China’s NBS Manufacturing PMI the previous week, AUD/USD traders eye July month Caixin Manufacturing PMI from the dragon nation as the immediate catalyst. The activity data from Australia’s largest customer, up for publishing

US dollar's role as global reserve is at risk - Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has warned that the US dollar's reign as the world's reserve currency is coming under threat, as evidenced by the recent surge in gold's rally.  Indeed, the greenback faces several risks in the form of twin deficits, Federal Reserve's aggressive money printing, increased political unce

【FOLLOWEBINAR】Sự dịch chuyển của tiền tệ

Một trong những chìa khóa thành công của giao dịch ngoại hối là xác định chính xác xu hướng hiện tại của một cặp tiền tệ. Vậy, làm thế nào để theo đúng xu hướng của một thị trường tiền tệ luôn thay đổi nhanh chóng? Vấn đề này Webinar sẽ tiết lộ cho bạn bí mật của xu hướng chuyển động của tiền tệ. Tr

Win up to 30 USD by Sharing Notes?

As we can see, there are 55 users gained total 3440 FCOIN in the  last round #TradeNotes# challenge. FOLLOWME is really excited to announce that the new #TradeNotes# challenge is Kicking off!We are going to give out more FCOIN to you this time!What you need to do is to share your note