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Germany’s industrial sector increasingly hit by eurozone weakness - ABN AMRO

Commenting on today's factory orders data from Germany, "Orders received by Germany’s industrial companies dropped by 2.7% mom in July, following a rise by the same magnitude in the month before," said ABN AMRO senior economist Aline Schuiling. Key quotes "The monthly drop in orders was broad-based
MAM Trading ( Oct. 21, 2019 )
新浪美股10月18日讯,美国股指期货盘前小幅上扬,多家公司发布了财报。 道指期货涨0.1%,标普500期指涨0.1%,纳指期货涨0.03%。 今日市场关注三大事件:1、美联储副主席克拉里达等官员将发表讲话;2、英国脱欧方面...

AUD little changed after small improvements in data for job ads, business conditions

The data posts are here for ANZ job ads and NAB business confidence:   Australia business confidence 0 (prior 1) & business conditions 2 (prior also 1)  Australia ANZ survey of job advertisements for September: +0.3% m/m (prior -2.8%) AUD is little moved, sitting at the bottom end of the sessi
一个干金融的需要具备多少技能才能做好这份职业?看看下面这些你就知道了! 「会开车」,「会电脑」,「会沟通」,「会算账」,「会品茶」,「会喝酒」,「会唱歌」,「会吹牛」,「懂数学」,「懂技术」,「懂营销...
精英 看破红尘 受气 熬夜 站稳脚跟 吹牛
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Good Noon! MAM Day 04 ( 101119 ) Word of the day: “Every trader has strengths and weakness. - Michael Marcus

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