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The Unemployment Rate is the number of people who are unemployed as a percentage of the labour force (the total number of people employed added to those unemployed).
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(Yahoo Finance) Another 900,000 Americans Filed New Jobless Claim Last Week, What That Means for the American Economy? - Jan 22, 2021. #InitialJoblessClaims#...

READ N' GO-Daily News Recap

Good morning traders! This is the official account to find out all the breaking news that may/may not affect your trading decision such as economy policies, political moves, global agendas and more. BUT first, to start off your day with a bang, here's a recap of the important news we think you shoul
(BLOOMBERG) Grant Thornton Chief Economis: We Are Losing Momentum at Critical Time. - Dec 24, 2020.#USeconomy##CovidInfection##UnemploymentRate#...

Futures rise ahead of weekly unemployment data

(Reuters) - U.S. stock index futures rose slightly on Wednesday as investors appeared to have shrugged off President Donald Trump’s threat to not sign a COVID-19 stimulus bill, while also waiting for reading on weekly jobless claims and consumer spending data. In a video posted on Twitter, Trump sai

BREAKING: Dueling Paths for Coronavirus Relief and Budget Bills

Photo: Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Twin efforts were underway in the U.S. Congress on Monday to reach a massive government spending deal that would avert a government shutdown, as Republicans and Democrats insisted they want to include a fresh round of aid to a coronavirus-hit nation. The leaders

BREAKING: U.S. November Budget Deficit Held to $145 billion

Photo: Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government posted a $145 billion budget deficit for November, down from $209 billion a year ago, the Treasury Department said on Thursday, but the decline was largely due to calendar shifts of federal benefit payments. Without these adjustments, Treasur

BREAKING: Mnuchin Says COVID Aid Checks Would Spur More Jobs Than Unemployment Supplement

Photo: Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump would rather send $600 checks to Americans as part of a new coronavirus aid package than supplemental unemployment benefits, arguing that it would put more people back to work m
(REUTERS) Record Wall Street Highs Despite Dismal Jobs Data. - Dec 5, 2020.#stockmarketrally##USeconomy##UnemploymentRate##FlashNews#

BREAKING: U.S. House Approves Stopgap Funding Bill as Haggling Continues Over Coronavirus Aid

Photo: Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a one-week extension of federal government funding, giving lawmakers more time to haggle over a broader spending package with coronavirus relief. The House voted 343-67 on a measure to prevent federal progr

BREAKING: As Pandemic Lifelines Expire, Americans in Housing Free Fall

Photo: Reuters NEW YORK (Reuters) - Clarence Hamer doesn’t expect to hang on to his house much longer. His downstairs tenant owes him nearly $50,000 in back rent on the four-bedroom duplex he owns in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Without those rental payments, Hamer has been unable to pay the thousands he

BREAKING: U.S. Third-Quarter Productivity Pared; Unit Labor Costs Revised Up

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. worker productivity increased strongly in the third quarter, though the pace of growth was likely overstated as the sharp rebound in output from the COVID-19 pandemic recession has far outpaced employment gains. The Labour Department said on Tuesday nonfarm productivity,

Economic Calendar - Top Five Things to Watch This Week

Photo: Reuters Investing.com -- Renewed hopes for economic stimulus and the beginning of the vaccine rollout are set to be the main focus for financial markets in the week ahead. Pressure is mounting in Washington to help people and businesses hit hard by the pandemic, with the economy suffering its

Weekly S&P 500 Analysis: Why This Market Is Doing So Well

S&P 500 Weekly Chart (Investing.com) - It was another positive week for the S&P 500 with the index climbing 0.8% over the last five sessions. While no one is excited by a sub-1% week, given where we could be, this resilience is actually a noteworthy accomplishment. COVID infection and h

WEEKLY NOTION: U.S. November Non-Farm Payrolls Grew 245,000 Versus 460,000 Expected

Summary Previous month's data was 638,000 The unemployment rate of 6.7% versus 6.8% expected The previous unemployment rate was 6.9% Participation rate 61.5% versus 61.7% expected Previous participation rate - 61.7% If participation would have held steady, the unemployment rate would have risen 0.1

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