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FX option expiries for Thursday October 29 at the 10am NY cut EUR/USD 1.1700 785m euro amount 1.1720 718m 1.1750 869m 1.1770 545m USD/JPY 103.60 1.0bn USD amount 104.00 1.8bn 104.50 385m ...

Analisis Harga USD/JPY: Melihat Ke Bawah Dengan Penembusan Bear Flag Pada Grafik 4-Jam

USD/JPY merasakan tarikan gravitasi karena sentimen risiko melemah di tengah kekhawatiran virus corona.Penurunan yang lebih dalam tampaknya mungkin terjadi, karena grafik 4-jam menunjukkan penembusan bear flag.Yen Jepang yang anti-risiko semakin menguat karena risk-off yang disebabkan oleh

Profit continuesly

Still patient, Profit again. Waiting next order
23 Oct

Inggris Membuat Kesepakatan Besar Pertama Pasca Brexit dengan Jepang - FT

Menurut Financial Times (FT), Inggris telah menandatangani perjanjian dengan Jepang. Itu adalah kesepakatan besar pasca-Brexit pertama di Inggris. Perjanjian tersebut ditandatangani di Tokyo pada pagi hari ini oleh Liz Truss, sekretaris perdagangan internasional Inggris, di hadapan To
Does it look similar?🤔
Earnings this week. Last week's income seems to have forgotten to send excitement #EUR/USD#

[BREAKING] Stimulus Hopes Press Dollar to a One-Week Low

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The dollar was pinned near a one-week low on Wednesday as investors optimistic about the prospects for a pre-election U.S. stimulus package sought riskier currencies.The White House and Democrats have moved closer to agreement on a new coronavirus relief package as President Do
Gold is in danger right now. You can see that with the price going below the resistance level of 2075.05, the beginning of downtrend is expected. Good luck with trading guys.
Is it make sense?😜 Once it breaks through 1900, I think it should be a buy.
12 Oct

EU targets Big Tech with ‘hit list’ facing tougher rules – FT

Early Monday morning in Asia, the Financial Times (FT) came out with the news suggesting further hardships for the big technology companies like Facebook and Apple from the European Union’s (EU). The plans, which can include 20 major internet companies, will force the tech giants to share data with

Gold is heading up

#XAU/USD# Broke out of the trendline and we are going to buy on the retracement and the target will be 1970.
11 Oct
SIMPLE and PROFITABLE Forex Day Trading Strategy! (The Secret To BIG Profits) Credit: The Trading Channel Source: #forextraders#
USDOLLAR turned up from the top side of the neckline on Thursday but returned to the neckline today. Failure to turn up now risks a failed breakout, which would be viewed in a bearish light. It’s ...
11 Oct
This U.S. stock is undergoing a parabolic advance (arithmetic scale) and has benefited from Covid-19. Do you know the name of this stock? Hint: I shop it a lot - second only to Amazon. ...

Pull-up Update