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Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting refers to the 12 members of the FOMC who meet eight times a year to determine if there should be any changes to near-term monetary policy which they announce immediately afterwards.
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芝商所(CME)日前宣布,由于StoneX金融服务公司违反规则,已对其处以罚款。芝商所指出,StoneX无法正确记录订单。 根据公告,在2020年4月1日至2020年6月30日之间,StoneX没有遵守芝商所在MRAN法规中的要求。 芝商所表示,StoneX没有适当记录通过执行操作暂记帐户执行的订单,因此,StoneX因违反MRA2011-5法规而被处以4,000美元的罚款。 芝商所在官方公告中指出:如果使用一般暂记帐户而不是客户特定帐户或EAM特定帐户,则执行操作必须在输入订单之前根据536.B.1法规创建订单的书面或电子记录。订单必须反映收到订单的时间以及特定的客户或EAM的帐户名称。 S
帐户 订单 芝商所 处以 金融服务 芝商

Biên bản cuộc họp của FOMC: Các thách thức tăng trưởng đối với nền kinh tế trong những tháng tới do sự bùng phát COVID-19

Biên bản cuộc họp ngày 15-16 tháng 12 của Ủy ban Thị trường mở Liên bang (FOMC) được công bố hôm thứ Tư cho thấy các nhà hoạch định chính sách đánh giá là phù hợp để tiếp tục mua tài sản ít nhất là với tốc độ hiện tại. Phản ứng của thị trường Chỉ số đồng đô la Mỹ phần lớn bỏ qua tuyên bố này và

Các nội dung chính trong Biên bản cuộc họp của FOMC tháng 11 -Reuters

Biên bản cuộc họp tháng 11 của Ủy ban Thị trường mở Liên bang (FOMC) cho thấy hôm thứ Tư rằng các nhà hoạch định chính sách đánh giá những điều chỉnh ngay lập tức đối với tốc độ và cơ cấu mua tài sản là không cần thiết. Tuy nhiên, họ lưu ý thêm rằng hoàn cảnh có thể thay đổi để đảm bảo những điều ch

Federal Reserve FOMC September meeting minutes are due this week - preview

The Federal Open Market Committee met on September 15 and 16. the minutes from that meeting are due Wednesday October 7 at 1800 GMT  A quick preview via Scotia, in summary (bolding mine): the ... meeting ... introduced unexpected dissension in the ranks when two officials voted against the sta
FOMO developing in precious metals. Support for metals comes from various sides: stabilization in bond yields, Warren Buffet effect, US-Sino tensions, FOMC tomorrow, & weaker USD. $2020 a tech resista...

Gold Price Analysis: Recovery mode intact while above $1931 solid support– Confluence Detector

Gold recovers losses, as the bulls look to regain control amid persistent downbeat tone around the US dollar. The greenback remains undermined by the sharp drop in the US Treasury yields, fiscal impasse and US-China optimism.   The yellow metal will continue to track the dollar moves amid a lack of

Focus Turned to Swiss Franc Selloff While Dollar Stabilizes Mildly

Selling focus turns from Dollar to Swiss Franc today, which also drags down Sterling, and to a lesser extent Euro. Dollar stabilized a little bit but there is apparent strength for recovery yet. In particular, commodity currencies are generally stronger while Canadian Dollar shrugs off weaker than e


FOMO developing in precious metals. Support for metals comes from various sides: stabilization in bond yields, Warren Buffet effect, US-Sino tensions, FOMC tomorrow, & weaker USD. $2020 a tech resistance in Gold. Prospects of recent highs being challenged increasing

USD/JPY struggles near 2-week lows, below mid-105.00s

USD/JPY witnessed some heavy pressure for the second consecutive session on Tuesday.The downward trajectory was sponsored by sustained USD selling, sliding US bond yields.Oversold conditions on hourly charts warrant some caution for intraday bearish traders.The USD bearish pressure picked up pace du



FOMC Minutes: Pessimistic view of US economy

FOMC members at July 28-29 meeting voice concern on the depth of virus economic fallout. Members are skeptical about yield curve control, the setting of longer-term rates through Treasury purchase and sales, Joseph Trevisani, an analyst at FXStreet reports. Key quotes “Members were duly pessimistic

WH Meadows: No US-China trade talks scheduled for now

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Wednesday, there are no US-China trade talks scheduled for now. The US Trade Representative Lighthizer is continuing to have a discussion with his Chinese counterparts on their commitments on the phase one trade deal, he added. Market reaction The mark

S&P 500 Futures ignore geopolitical challenges at Hong Kong, US amid broad risk-on mood

S&P 500 Futures print three-day winning streak to challenge the record high marked in February. Wall Street benchmark flashed intraday record the previous day as US data keeps recovery momentum, Democrats compromise for stimulus. Wildfires in California, a typhoon in Hong Kong join Sino-US headl

A dovish FOMC with a hazy forecast for policy

The US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes were released Wednesday from its late July meeting. The minutes showed an expression of concern over the US economy and the impacts that the coronavirus was still having several months on from the initial US outbreaks. Stocks and bonds yiel

Fed Meeting Preview: Gold, Dow, US Dollar Outlook as FOMC Looms

FED MEETING PREVIEW: GOLD PRICE, DOW JONES, US DOLLAR VOLATILITY ELEVATED AROUND FOMC ANNOUNCEMENTSTraders are typically on high-alert whenever a FOMC decision is due. The Federal Reserve – now the biggest central bank by total assets held on its balance sheet – often sparks market volatil

Pull-up Update

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