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GBP/USD Price Analysis: Penetrates support at 1.3083 1) GBP/USD reverses lower from a Fibonacci retracement hurdle. 2) Daily chart indicators continue to favor the bullish move. Daily Chart:
#trading# #FX# 哈哈 Clear your mind of “CAN’T”...
22 Oct

[DAILY NOTION] DailyForex - USD/JPY Forecast - Oct 20, 2020

There is no doubt that the movement of the USD/JPY around and below the 105.00 support still confirms the extent of the bears’ control on the performance. The pair does not care about the technical indicators reaching oversold areas, but the greater concern is the extent of investor risk appetite.Mo
EUR/USD downtrend may continue a little longer. However, I am expecting price to find support near the 1.16 level. If EUR/USD drops near the 1.16 level this week and shows bullish PA, I would be looki...
14 Oct
Gold or Oil
EURJPY 4 HOUR The EURJPY rebound faces potentially important resistance at 124.90. This is where the rally from 9/28 would consist of 2 equal legs. It’s also he confluence of the line off of the S...
Ways to stay broke: Run up large credit card debt. Take on a big house payment. Buy a new car with a big car payment. Stay in a job with no upward mobility. Go on vacations you can’t afford. ...

EUR/USD Price Analysis: Bears Monitoring for a Break of Daily Support

EUR/USD bears getting set for a high probability breakout to the downside.  Daily support is the only thing standing in the way, from a technical standpoint.  The downside case fo the single currency, from a technical basis, is fitting well with the near to medium-term higher USD narrative: In the
08 Oct
Assets of S&P 500 companies increasingly derived from digital platforms, software & other intangible investments rather than physical assets & traditional relationships. #S&P500# ...
ECB ramps up balance sheet expansion. Total assets rose by a whopping €170.3bn to fresh ATH of €6,705.1bn as banks took €157bn in long-term loans, on QE (€20.5bn). End-of-quarter adjustments have ...
Fed's Powell: 'Risks of overdoing it' on aid smaller than too little. #Fed# #JeromePowell#

European Economics Preview: Germany Factory Orders Data Due

Factory orders and construction Purchasing mangers' survey data from Germany are due on Tuesday, headlining a light day for the European economic news. At 2.00 am ET, Destatis is scheduled to issue Germany's factory orders data for August. Economists forecast orders to grow 2.6 percent on month, fol

Markets in Limbo, Stimulus Needed, Virus in Charge, Presidential Politics

The short-term story for financial markets has been all about fiscal policy. This remains true."Moths and all sorts of ugly creatures hover about a lighted candle. Can the candle help it?"- Estella from 'Great Expectations'... Charles Dickens (1861)Have A Nice Weekend?It is always difficult. This we

Pull-up Update