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Boosted by the weakness of the stock market and the US dollar, the price of gold has returned to above 1670, currently hitting a new intraday high of 1676 and approaching a 7-year high of 1689. What will you do next? Still bearish and short?
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The precious metal gold has been always perceived as a safe haven in times of troubled times. Covid19 pandemic has proven that gold has risen at a certain level despite slow in economic activities. Th...

XAU/USD Price Forecast

On April 23, Gold corrected its upward trend and started a sideways move creating a set of lower highs with higher lows. In Mid-May, the price failed on multiple occasions to rally to the higher trading zone reflecting that bulls were losing momentum.On Friday, Gold declined to a five-week low at $1
BUY di area 1709 / 1710TP1 1720TP2 1725TP3 1730Risk SL 1689#gold# #XAU/USD# #Todayanalysis# #analysis#

Gold remains positive above $1,700 as coronavirus propels risk aversion

Gold trades near the highest since early-December 2012. Fears of coronavirus keep pushing traders to safe-havens. The White House diplomats anticipate COVID-19 cases to doubt or more in 48 hours. Fed widely expected to announce another rate cut in March. With the risk aversion on its full stream, G

Gold steadily climbs back closer to multi-year tops on coronavirus jitters

A fresh wave of the global risk-aversion trade boosted gold’s safe-haven status. Collapsing US bond yields, Fed rate cut speculations provided an additional boost. A strong bearish sentiment surrounding the USD remained supportive of the move. Gold gained some follow-through traction on Friday and

Equities dive, again, Gold up, WTI under pressure as Russia decides

Equity markets were marked by wild upside and downside swings this week, moving in a completely random pattern and furiously rejecting all support from governments and central banks. At this point no one can really explain why the markets behave the way they do, and what may be next. The only thing
Next rate cut maybe 100 pips.... zero interest rate is coming#TradeNotes# #GoldBreaks1670# #Fedcuts# #Todayanalysis# ...

Gold Price Analysis: Strong resistance at $1,689 critical to extending the bullish rally – Confluence Detector

Fears that the coronavirus outbreak is spreading in the US – that made only 500 tests – is weighing on markets and sending gold prices higher. Where next for the precious metal? The Technical Confluences Indicator is showing that $1,675 is the first hurdle awaiting the yellow metal. It is the conver

Gold and silver on their way up - what's to stop the move higher?

Profit takers on gold again? It was a rumour that I heard last Friday and caused me to close my short term gold longs, namely that equity investors were cashing out their profitable gold positions to pay for their equity margin calls. Ok, that makes sense, in theory. The price action was very weird,

Gold Futures: Further gains on the table

According to preliminary prints from CME Group for Gold futures markets, traders added around 12.7K contracts to their open interest positions on Thursday, reversing the previous drop. In the same direction, volume went up by nearly 50K contracts, also offsetting part of the previous sharp drop. Gol


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