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Little by little heheh #XAU/USD##GOLDTODAY#🔥 From 16 Februari already got $462cent 🔥

Where Did You Gold? - Gold Price Tries to Recover

Illustration photo of Gold Price H4 Chart from economies.com Clear positive trades were provided by gold prices after finding near $1830 solid support, heading towards potentially $1863.85 key resistance. Notice there is a potential formation towards the positive that limits recent trades while tech

Where Did You Gold? - Dollar Pressures Gold Downwards Amid Rising Yields

Illustration photo of Gold Price H4 Chart from dailyfx.com Gold prices plunged as much as 5% over a two-day period, the most since last September. The primary factors for the plunge are the climbing longer-dated U.S. Treasury yields and a rebound on the greenback. While other commodities such as cop


今晚21:30 ,美国将公布初请失业金人数,目前市场预期美国至2月27日当周初请失业金人数为75万人,随着疫苗快速接种,劳动力市场将会逐步恢复,初请人数有望逐步减少。此外,周五01:05,美联储主席鲍威尔即将发表的讲话,目前市场预计鲍威尔可能强调经济将会改善,但是仍将维持低利率,维持资产购买计划。整体来看,短线美元指数修正接近尾声,仍有上升动能。 汇市焦点 避险货币方面,日内,美元指数微涨,主要是因美债收益率大幅上升之际,打压了全球股市;另外,市场也在等待鲍威尔今日稍晚的讲话。今晚21:30 ,美国将公布初请失业金人数,目前市场预期美国至2月27日当周初请失业金人数为75万人,随着疫苗快速接种

Analisis Harga Emas: XAU/USD Mengincar $ 1.670 Karena Imbal Hasil Treasury Rebound – Confluence Detector

Emas baru-baru ini menyentuh terendah baru intraday di $ 1.706,68, sebelum memantul ke $ 1.708, pada pagi hari ini. Logam kuning itu turun ke level terendah baru sejak Juni 2020 pada hari sebelumnya karena sentimen pasar menyusut di tengah kenaikan baru dalam imbal hasil Treasury yang mendorong Dola

Gold Takes a Tumble, Next Mover: Initial Jobless Claims, Nonfarm Payrolls

The downward spiral lingers for gold. Despite a momentary respite when the bulls resurfaced to lead the price to $1,722, the bulls could not sustain their momentum and eventually, XAU/USD took a dip again. At the time of writing, the price is at $1,704.40. It is trading well below its 50-day Simple

Analisis Harga Emas: XAU/USD Menargetkan Support $ 1672 Setelah Pukulan Powell – Confluence Detector

Emas (XAU/USD) sedang dalam perjalanan untuk menguji terendah Juni 2020 di $ 1671, karena penurunan tetap memegang kendali setelah Ketua Fed Jerome Powell meremehkan gejolak baru-baru ini di pasar obligasi. Powell mengatakan bahwa kegelisahan pasar obligasi baru-baru ini "menarik perhatian saya

MEXGroup:每日快讯 |非农来袭,虽然预期较好,但需注意卖事实

今晚21:30,将公布美国2月季调后非农就业人口数据,目前市场预计新增2万人,高于前值的增加4.9万人。就目前来看,市场相对还是比较乐观,不过美国经济复苏缓慢且不均衡仍是事实。整体来看,随着债券收益率的上升,只要非农数据不是太难看,预计美元指数仍将以偏强为主;与此同时,投资者也需注意买预期、卖事实的可能。 汇市焦点 美元方面,周四美元指数尾盘飙升0.68%,主要是因美联储主席鲍威尔未能像一些交易员预期的那样,对最近美债遭抛售表示担忧,这导致国债收益率上升,美元需求增加。今晚21:30,将公布美国2月季调后非农就业人口数据,目前市场预计新增18.2万人,高于前值的增加4.9万人。就目前来看,市场

Analisis Harga Emas: Teknikal Dukung ke Pengembalian Rata-Rata Mingguan 50%

Harga emas sedang menguji komitmen bullish di level penting.Pembeli melihat ke grafik mingguan untuk panduan kembali ke pengembalian rata-rata. Sesuai analisis sebelumnya selama acara Federal Reserve Jerome Powell, Analisis Harga Emas: Penjual kembali bermain saat acara Fed Powell, mengincar $1,698,

Where Did You Gold? – Is There an End In Sight For Gold's Descent? Next Mover: Nonfarm Payrolls, Biden Stimulus Package

XAU/USD has experienced a sharp decline from $1,719.20 to $1,688.20. Although the price appeared to pick up slightly, the bulls were unable to hold down the fort and the downward fall continued. Currently, the price stands at $1,687.30 and trading below its 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA). Unsurp

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD looks north amid US political woes, Georgia’s Blue sweep – Confluence Detector

Gold (XAU/USD) attempts a bounce after Wednesday’s 2% slide, fuelled by the rally in US Treasury yields and stocks. Prospects of additional US stimulus amid a likely Blue sweep in the Senate revived the reflationary trades and drove the US rates sharply higher while Wall Street to fresh record highs

Vàng thế giới tiếp tục giảm trước sức ép của đồng USD và lợi suất trái phiếu

Vàng thế giới tiếp tục giảm trước sức ép của đồng USD và lợi suất trái phiếu Vietstock - Vàng thế giới tiếp tục giảm trước sức ép của đồng USD và lợi suất trái phiếu Giá vàng giảm xuống mức thấp nhất trong gần 9 tháng vào ngày thứ Năm (04/3), chịu sức ép bởi đà tăng của đồng USD và lợi suấ

Pull-up Update

CFD markets involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results. You understand and agree that there are risks associated with the use of online trading services ( COPYTRADE、FOLLOWTRADE、FOLLOWGUARD ), including uncontrollable factors such as hardware breakdown, software fault, or Internet disconnections. FOLLOWME does not held any responsibility for the communication failures, miss-transmissions or delays that occur during online trading.

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