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The main COMEX gold futures rose by more than 4%, surpassing $ 1710, the highest since December 2012. At the same time, XAU hit a new high of several weeks to 1673. Trading is now around 1660, the gold price outlook will move towards 1900, or turn around and go lower?
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Comex gold futures are getting a boost from the news that European Union leaders sealed a 750 billion Euro ($857 billion) post-pandemic stimulus plan after a marathon five-day meeting. Now that the ne...

Forex Today: Dollar falls, gold up amid upbeat COVID-19 data, Boris' ICU stay causing concerns

Here is what you need to know on Tuesday, April 7: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care and receiving oxygen amid complications from COVID-19. The dramatic news has sent the pound lower after previous messages from the government aimed to calm the public. Foreign secretary Dominic Ra

Gold Price Analysis: Ample liquidity opens door to higher levels – Confluence Detector

Gold prices have been on the rise as ample liquidity has been pushing all assets higher – including the precious metal which used to be sought in times of trouble. Ample liquidity thanks to central banks and governments are boosting XAUD/USD.   The Technical Confluences Indicator is showing that gol


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