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One thought on NFP Guessing and Win Up to 30 FCOIN!

Here we have #GuessNFP# activity back again for this month! Do you have an idea in your mind? Remember that you can win up to 30 FCOIN if you guess the closest number of Non-Farm Payrolls of July.   As a quick reference, the NFP data in May was 2,699K, the NFP data in June was 4,800K, and the market

Last Week of July - Weekly Report

2020/07/27-2020/07/31 Total Trading Orders 90,927 Compared with 90,736 orders last week, increased 193 orders, and the increase rate is 0.21% The market is so volatile that it's impossible for anyone to predict the trend, and it's also impossible to predict the weekly data report, and you don't know
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aneh referal sudah melakukan verifikasi dan sudah di verif tapi masih bintang satu aja wkwk , tolong bantuan nya#FX##90USDBonus##FOLLOWSTAR#
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ini kenapa invited saya pada gak ada ya
May this Eid bring joy and love to our heart and create all the opportunities of success for us! Eid Mubarak.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha For All Muslim Trader & Investor...
Almost 24hrs my Withdrawal in KVB Prime is still pending. Yes, I've finished trading 2 lots.What's next?
Gold Price

Win up to 30 USD by Sharing Notes?

As we can see, there are 55 users gained total 3440 FCOIN in the  last round #TradeNotes# challenge. FOLLOWME is really excited to announce that the new #TradeNotes# challenge is Kicking off!We are going to give out more FCOIN to you this time!What you need to do is to share your note

Self review

Due to the low volatility in eur/usd market, the EA strategy, which I named Pheonix, suffered a relatively large drawdown. This volatility situation was not common at least in the last 3 years. In the other hand, after this drawdown, I modified my EA strategy to ensure it can still perform well unde
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Gold Price Analysis: $1,918 offers stiff resistance

Gold is bid, but the upside is being capped near $1,918.  The weekly chart favors a move to fresh record highs above $1,920. Gold appears on track to set a new record high above the September 2011 high of $1,920, having carved out a bullish marubozu candle last week - a sign of buyers controlling t

Pull-up Update