Last Week of July - Weekly Report

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2020/07/27-2020/07/31 Total Trading Orders


Compared with 90,736 orders last week, increased 193 orders, and the increase rate is 0.21%

The market is so volatile that it's impossible for anyone to predict the trend, and it's also impossible to predict the weekly data report, and you don't know what's going on until it's out there. For the 4th week of July, the total profit of the top 10 traders with the highest profit has reached 1,106K dollars. @麻总点评006 becomes Top 1 with a strong weekly profit of $942,688.08; what is worth mentioning, @陈陈嘎嘣脆 is still in the second place, and all the other eight places have been changed. Here are the details of the ranking. 

@ProEA continues to sit on the Top 1 in the ranking of Top 10 Signals with 282 accounts following. He prefers day trading,  short-term trading, and EA trading. Trades XAU/USD only, the trading lots per order are always 0.01 lots. Although the capital scale is not large, his risk control ability and profitability are at the first-class level, and the win ratio is 81.94%. 

@EA专业户 2nd place in the ranking of Top 10 Signals this week with 6 accounts following. He is famous in FOLLOWME community, and prefers EA trading, mainly on XAU/USD and WTI. The trading lots per order are between 0.03 and 0.1 lots. Got big loss on coronavirus and crude oil on April, and started trading again after 3 months. 

@金融算命师 3rd place in the ranking of Top 10 Signals this week with 25 accounts following. Highly agrees with Forex Wave Theory, and prefers on Brent trading. The trading lots per order are between 0.05 and 1 lots, and the win ratio is 87.69%.


Congratulations @tuxuanngo1990 @545103 @chanhvanchuyen @hieuvvu @changmapbmw @ProEA for good profit you have earned! For traders or followers who are not in the ranking lists, please review your signals and focus on Forex market, hope you can be in the Top 10 ranking one day! 

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Money money🤑
Check out the top trader's profit...the sky is the limit - all things are possible, indeed!
Amazing achievements - wow!
Congrats, dear friends! We look to you and we believe we can too:) Thanks for motivation
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good job guys!
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well done👏


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