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#Newtrader#Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Please follow my new trader account#2. Come with me to have wonderful trading!
What are the market opportunities in the current environment? Check out this video and you will find out! #Knowledge# #market# #Market&Mind#
What is happening to gold price? Any Prediction?

#Platinum - Looking bullish if it holds.

#XPTUSD# Platinum breaking out from small bull flag and also re-claiming TL support currently.
我有稳定盈利系统我怕啥? 白天不做单,白天在做打自己耳光。 先免费一个月,就像饭店开张免费吃。 要订就订一年,否则一天也不要订。 今天小赚2刀,知足了。 今天在外面吃饭,不做单。 终于爆了,终于可以安心睡觉...

Mẹo giao dịch pullback sử dụng Bollinger Bands và MACD dành cho anh em!

Xin chào các bạn, Pullback là một phương pháp giao dịch khá phổ biến đối với các bạn. Nhưng làm sao để chúng ta có được những giao dịch Pullback tốt hơn và tăng xác suất thắng cho chúng ta? Dưới đây sẽ là một số mẹo để chúng ta làm điều đó, kết hợp với 2 chỉ báo khác đó là Bollinger và MACD. Đầu t

China's Global Times says "the US has fallen into a state of dementia" (referring to you-know-who)

Editor of China's Global Times with more needling of the US and its President: "President Trump withdrew from WHO because the organization is of no help to his reelection. The whole world can see it through, but this ugly act can be done with a sense of justice in the US. It's true that the politic
analisa teknikal H1 buy stop dan sell stop


The quandary on how to deal with volatility is made more difficult because of the natural human reaction. I specialise in behavioural trading and i talk in this video about how the mind copes with VUC...
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xauusd going to hit resistance at 1805.6 monitoring 1789 support

#XAU/USD# monitoring 1789 as support to target 1821-1823 if break down , next support at 1779-1780 to target 1813 what if gold break down 1805.6? what if it hit 1813? well bull will be taking profit, gold will down more than 1779, but it just my opinion...

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