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Trading is for a better living, and I only choose trading opportunities with high profitability.

The best and most efficient way of trading, as far as I am concerned, is to trade in low frequency and do not check from time to time. Besides, never take transactions as all that you have, but only as a part of your income.I believe that any trader should take "minimalist trading" as an important m

FOLLOWME Trading Community Rules

FOLLOWME Community Regulation 1. The community’s fundamental rule   FOLLOWME is a creative trading community. The community is based on investment strategy sharing and investment knowledge sharing. Hence, community regulation was built by FOLLOWME for users.   The information from the community is f
for btc fan. Please hold tight... to da mooonnnnnn!!! #TradeComment# #Todayanalysis# #BTC/USD#
抓住几次大机会,重仓出击,顺势加仓,何止每次翻一倍。几百倍就是这么简单。利弗莫尔不是做到过,当然爆仓也很简单。激动#《交易笔记挑战赛》第5期# #交易心得# ...
交易 利弗莫 加仓 爆仓 挑战赛 心得
Wlya ya Noha how r you
some mentor says " you have to be agressive and patient at the same time, in order to make money in forex. I agree with him
mind blowing, pray for hongkong #Todayanalysis# #TradeComment# #Profitshow#
#GBP/CHF# for buy next week tp 50 pips

USD/CHF Daily Outlook

Daily Pivots: (S1) 0.9801; (P) 0.9811; (R1) 0.9833; Intraday bias in USD/CHF is turned neutral with a temporary top formed at 0.9826. Focus says on 38.2% retracement of 1.0237 to 0.9613 at 0.9851 first. Decisive break there will add to the case of bullish near term reversal and target 61.8% retracem
多头已经失去理智#XAU/USD# #USD/JPY# 心心心请不要做空(超短除外)
超短 理智 失去
let your winners run'' is easier said than done because you remember in past when you waited and price returned back to hit SL at breakeven
why corona virus vaccine is difficult to discover? #FCchallenge#

Pull-up Update